I think everyone struggles to review perfumes because we can never pinpoint the actual notes in a perfume without copy and pasting a blurb from a perfume site, I just like what I like and don't know what perfumes actually smell of!
So this should be an interesting review....

Apparently the main note of this perfume is iris, along with some jasmine and orange blossom at the heart.
It opens quite fruity and has a warm base with distinctly powdery, gourmand notes due to the vanilla, praline and patchouli. 

I can attest to the fact that it's a very sweet, gourmand fragrance, it smells good enough to eat!
I don't get a lot of the floral notes coming through when I smell it, but that might just be my nose, the powderiness (that's not a word is it? Let's just roll with it) is definitely apparent though, especially on the dry-down.

It's a really strong fragrance, a couple of spritzes will do, and it will last for hours on your skin.
Personally I like to spray perfumes on my clothes because it makes the scent last longer, this might be a bad method that will make perfume aficionado's gasp with horror, but it works for me!

The bottle is a thing of absolute beauty too, it's thick glass so if you drop it (like I have several times, butterfingers) it will most likely withstand the fall.
I love the gauzy piece of fabric that's wrapped around the neck of the bottle, it reminds me of a glamorous movie star from the 40's with her scarf trailing in the wind behind her!
The box is also gorgeous, sparkly and feminine, this would make a perfect gift for someone, I found it hard to actually part with the box it was so pretty!

I would recommend this perfume to lovers of Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb and (on the cheaper end of the scale) Britney Spears' Fantasy, to me it seems to have a lot of similar notes to these two fragrances, which are two personal favourites of mine as well.

If you want to see a more in-depth analysis of this perfume, and any other perfume you might be thinking of buying, then check out Fragrantica, I love this website for finding out about different perfumes and seeing which perfumes are similar to ones I already own.
It's an absolute must if you buy perfumes online so don't get the chance to smell them first!

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome is available from AllBeauty for £38.95, link here.
 Top - Primark | Coat - Topshop - link here | Jeans - H&M - link here | Trainers - H&M - link here | Bag - ASOS - link here | Earrings - Primark | Watch - Olivia Burton - link here
Before I do anything else I'd like to apologise for the title, I couldn't think of another snake reference apart from that awful song!

I love a good animal print pop in an outfit so when I saw these shoes I had to have them!
I love to pair them with a simple outfit like this one I'm wearing, you can't go wrong with jeans and a mac, but just to add an extra twist I wore this thin jersey top from Primark which has pleather strips on the sleeves, I love pieces like this that are really basic but have just a little bit of added interest to them.

My new bag is from ASOS and I absolutely love it, I needed a good black bag and because I always wear gold jewelry this seemed like a great fit for my wardrobe! And it was a snip at only £35.00 (less if you apply student discount!).

One thing I will say about this outfit is that if, like me, you have fat little Buddha feet then you should go up half a size on these shoes from H&M, I got my true size and they're a little bit tight around the tops of my elephant feet :)
Embrace your flaws ladies! haha.


Not all pictures my own, some taken from Google Images.
All reviews 100% honest, whether they were sent to me or bought by myself.
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