I never used to understand why people go for natural cosmetics and bath/body products, I used to assume that they wouldn't work as well as ones with the usual sulphates and chemicals in them but lately my mind has been changed by certain products and I've started to see the light when it comes to the au naturale!

I have tried natural lip balms and face masks so when Sabai Soaps offered to send me some natural soaps I jumped at the chance!
I chose the Revitalise giftset because the scents were a bit fruitier than the other giftset, which contains more scrubby soaps which sound very interesting!

The scents I went for were Mangosteen, Kaffir Lime and Orange Spice which are as delicious as they sound!
I'm a sucker for anything spicy so Orange Spice was right up my street.

I don't use soaps in the shower, I use them exclusively in my sink to wash my hands so these soaps will last me forever!
They lather up well and don't leave my hands feeling sapped of moisture which some soaps do.

The packaging of these soaps is lovely too, from the little blue gift box to the patterned wrapping paper the soaps come in, they would make a lovely gift for someone.

Sabai Soaps are available from their website, link here, and this particular giftset is £15.99, link here.
 Jumper - H&M - Not available anymore | Leather look leggings - H&M - link here | Handbag - ASOS - Sold out | Trainers - Vans - link here | Sunglasses - Ebay - link here
This is definitely my kind of outfit, it might not be the most flattering for my body shape but it's what I feel comfortable in, something a bit tomboy-ish but still stylish and most importantly, comfortable!

I do like a slightly boyish style but I think the leather-look leggings add a more feminine touch and the sunglasses add a pop of colour, but I like to limit the colour in my outfits, I'm more of a monochrome girl!

This jumper is so lovely, it's really baggy and soft and I love it for just throwing on, I think it gives an effortless chic look, although some of you might think it looks more like a tent!


Not all pictures my own, some taken from Google Images.
All reviews 100% honest, whether they were sent to me or bought by myself.
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