My latest beauty haul!


I wasn't supposed to buy anything when i went to town on Saturday with my boyfriend but, of course, i couldn't resist!!
I will list what i bought from left to right and also provide you with a link to a shop you can buy the products from :)
Firstly, from the left, i bought the Barry M 3in1 basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener
I've used it already and obviously i haven't seen any evidence of nail hardening yet but it does make your nails look shiny and glosses over any mistakes you might have made.
As a basecoat, it should be applied thinly otherwise the nail varnish you apply on top will crack and split.
Next up is a much talked about Barry M nail varnish ''Peach Melba''
I found this a bit disappointing, even though the colour is lovely it's hard to apply, takes 3-4 coats until it's a dense colour and is a bit darker than i expected as a result of having to put on so many coats.
I got these two Barry M nail varnishes on a 2 for £4.99 offer in Superdrug ( which i think is a great price!
Next is Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara Ultra Black,
I'm usually a huge fan of Bourjois mascara's but this one is definitely not my cup of tea, it doesn't lengthen or thicken my eyelashes anywhere near enough for my liking! maybe i should give it more of a chance so i will keep trying it, but early indications tell me this isn't my best purchase!
Now it's the W7 Tights in a Tin!
This seems to be pretty hard to get hold of on the internet! i got it from a small discount shop called Savers in my hometown for £1.99.
I haven't really used it properly but i did do a swatch on my leg (i might post pictures later on of the results of all of the products, undecided!) and it looked pretty good! an instant tan, it didn't look like tan tights but then again that's probably a good thing! they can look very synthetic sometimes!
Next is the relatively new Brit by Batiste dry shampoo
They've changed the packaging slightly now but i've got the old design as i got it from the discount store i just mentioned called Savers, i got it for £1.59 which is a steal! This is the best dry shampoo and they never change the formula, it's always the same great results but with a different smell! I haven't even sprayed this one yet though but i'm sure the scent is as nice as it normally is!
Now is my favourite product of this whole haul! Bourjois Delice De Soleil Bronzing Spray!
Now,  i'm sure if you watch all of the beauty hauls on Youtube or visit beauty blogs then you'll have heard of this already, it's basically a fine spray that you spray about 30cm away from your face and it isn't like normal spray on tans, it looks like a natural, bronzed glow! I cannot rave enough about this product, i got it in fair but i'm going to purchase it in olive skin type too for when i'm more tanned!
Now it's the all new St Moriz Tanning Lotion!
If you're aware of St Moriz you'll know it's basically a St Tropez rip off! Definitely my fake tan of choice for its streak free, golden glow! But i've been using the dark mousse for a while now so i thought it might be time for a change, this lotion is a big change from it that's for sure! much runnier and you need a lot less to cover your body, but it gives a nice even finish! all i'll say is it makes your tanning mitt so wet that if you do need to do any touch ups it can start streaking, definitely worth the money though!
Last but not least is the Bourjois Delice De Soleil Bronzing Powder,
I got this product only to make up the 3for2 on Bourjois products in Superdrug but i'm very glad i got it! It's a perfect accompaniment to the Bourjois Bronzing Spray, great for doing some contouring after applying the bronzing spray!
The silky bag that you can see is some Bourjois sunglasses (no, i didn't know they did them either!) that i got free when i spent over £10 (i think) and they're ok, nice, big, celebrity style sunglasses! the silk bag is useful to put other pairs of sunglasses in too so they don't get scratched in my bag!
That's all for this one, quite a long post! Hope you enjoyed it :)


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