(Another) haul! (Boots, HMV & Dorothy Perkins)

Yes..i know!! I've been shopping again haha i swore i wouldn't but in my defence, i didn't buy much!
Firstly i'll do Boots as i bought the most here (surprise surprise!!)

This looooverly shimmery pink lipstick from Natural Collection in Sweet Pea, it's quite subtle and is great for an everyday lip look or for when you have a dramatic smokey eye as a nice muted colour. It was £1.99.

Now the hallowed Pink Mallow!! Everyone's heard of this and everyone has tried it but just so you know, i love it! haha it's a rich and wearable pink and that was also £1.99!

This one is from 17 and it cost £2.29, it had about £2 off! I love these lipsticks too, they're so shiny and nourishing on your lips! This is a nice shimmery colour, similar to Sweet Pea above but shinier.

Here is some swatches so you can see what they look like out of the tube :)

I got this from 17 mainly because i was A) curious and B) because i wanted to buy two 17 products so i got the free All About Nude makeup palette! but more on that later, i was really pleased with this nail varnish! i used it over a shimmery white nail varnish which i will feature next and it really had an amazing effect! it helped my nail varnish dry quicker and has given it a really interesting completely matte effect, check it out in my earlier post here! This was £3.99.

This is the nail varnish that i wore with the Matte Effect above and it looks great! really unusual! It's lovely without the Matte Effect on top as well though, only £1.89 or thereabouts!

And my free gift after buying 2 17 products is this lovely palette!! The eyeshadows at the top are exactly my style of eyeshadow so i was loving it, the blush (bottom left) is not so much what i'm into as i don't like cream blushes but it gives quite a nice colour, and i haven't tried the lipstick yet! Here are some swatches.

Without flash ^

With flash ^

I wore these eyeshadows today so i'll show you a few pics of my makeup look today so you can get an idea of what they look like on, i was wearing Pink Mallow by Natural Collection on my lips too

Now onto the last thing i bought from Boots!

I saw this ring in this blog post by Poppy Red Lips and i HAD to have it!! It's gorgeous! I can't wait to wear it :) And as you can see, it was £1.50, STEAL!
Now for Dorothy Perkins!

Check out this beauty of a ring! I had to get it in large because that was the only size they had :( boo! but it actually fits ok, not as snugly as i'd like but i'll be losing no sleep over it! It reminds me of some kind of treasure you'd find in ancient Egypt haha and this cost £2 :)

I have a bit of a soft spot for statement earrings! i think it's cos i have short hair so i like the look of my earrings poking out from under my hair, and these are pretty beautiful! Love all the pastel colours and although i don't usually like silver earrings these are lushhhhh and they were £2.
Finally HMV.

 All About Steve!! haha i bought this for £3 (the top picture it says it was originally £20, dream on HMV!!) because i'd heard Sandra Bullock won a Razzie for her acting role and also, Bradley Coopers in it, yummm! so i thought i'd check it out...and it was actually great! I really enjoyed it! The characters were endearing, especially the news anchorman played by Thomas Haden Church, he was hilarious! I really recommend it :)

Thanks for reading, and sorry this turned into a mega long post again!! haha :)


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  1. I need to go before the offers finish!! I think that offers really good, the "buy two products and get the pallette free" !! The colour looks nice on your eyes :)
    Oh, and I love Bradley Cooper!! Hope you do a review on the movie xx
    Mursal :) x

  2. Definitely! I was surprised as 17 products are so cheap and the palette is brilliant too, essential colours!
    Thats a good idea actually, didn't think of doing a review :) Bradley coopers lush isn't he, perfection!

  3. Are the Natural collection lipsticks drying at all?
    I have one in Apple blossom but I cannot wear it, no matter how much carmex I apply before It makes my lips look so dry and flakey!! I didn't know if It was the formula of all of their lipsticks or just the colour of apple blossom xxx

  4. Yeah to be honest the Apple Blossom did that to me too! The other two i've just bought are fine and not drying at all so i think it's just that colour that makes lips look chapped, glad someone else has the same trouble as me! I found when i applied lip balm before and after i applied the lipstick it looked a lot better!

  5. I love all of those pink lipsticks!


  6. Are The Natural Collection Lipsticks actually good? I know they are cheap but even then I wouldn't want to spend money on something that isn't good - xoxo

  7. @TheCosmeticCrave Thanks! Pinks are probably my favourite shades for lipsticks, think i have every kind now :)
    @Vilte It depends what colours you get, the lighter colours go flaky on your lips because the formulas not good enough but the mid to darker ones are fine and lovely on your lips! Plenty of lipbalm should sort out any flakiness anyway :)

  8. i love the rings! that movie looks funny too

  9. They're beauties aren't they! I can't stop wearing them haha it was really funny, i keep meaning to do a film review!


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