Boots, Superdrug, Boyes, Savers and Primark haul!

Hello all!
I went to town on Saturday with my boyfriend and dragged him round quite a few shops, which means I have a few spoils to show you! I'm trying to be better with my money so I didn't spend that much! haha and the stuff I bought from Boots I got it with my advantage card points so they were technically free! And I'm quite proud of myself because I just convinced myself out of subscribing to Glossy Box even though I REALLY want to, I'm going to be really gutted if I watch Glossy Box video's next month and they're full of amazing products :( but I might treat myself to it when i next get paid, which is something to look forward to!
Right, onto the haul!
I'll start with Boots:

Natural Collection lipstick in Apple Blossom which was £1.99! I love Natural Collection in theory but I don't actually own any of the make-up! But for everything under £2 i thought i'd test it out and i'd heard so much about this lipstick from The Persian Babe and numerous other blogs and Youtube video's so i thought i'd see what the fuss was about and I do get it, it's a lovely colour but it's a little bit drying on my lips now I've used it a few times, it starts to look a bit cracked, which might just be the condition of my lips because nude lipsticks always seem to do this on me! but it is a lovely formula for a lipstick so cheap so i will be picking up other colours from this range!

Next is Natural Collection blusher in Peach Melba, which was also £1.99! (I still can't get over how cheap it is) but unfortunately i dropped it on the floor when i got it home and it shattered which is why the blusher looks so dirty in the top picture haha so that was a bit gutting but i can still apply it, i just have to knock some of the excess off my blusher brush before applying, but I might actually pop in and buy another one when I'm next in town :)

Lastly from Boots, the much talked about V05 Miracle Concentrate! I did think £4.99 was a little bit expensive for this product because i didn't know if I was going to like it or not, serums aren't usually good for my hair because it's so fine, but on this occasion because it was on offer for £3.23 i thought i'd give it a try! I've only used it once so far and to be honest i didn't see much improvement to my hair, i put in a whole pipette and it still didn't feel enough! But i am going to keep on using it and hope that it does start to improve my hair because at the moment i'm a bit disappointed with it!
Now the stuff from (my favourite) Superdrug! I'm so happy they now do beauty cards, i'm racking up the points already!!

Now I've wanted this foundation for a while because I've seen adverts for it in magazines and I've also never owned a Maxfactor foundation so when i saw it for £5.99 i snapped it right up! I got it in the lightest colour because at the moment I'm as pale as Edward Cullen from Twilight but i might get a more tanned shade for when I've slapped on the St Moriz :) I've used it once, I'm wearing it in this picture but you can't really see my face very well. I liked it, it went on very easily and gave a good colour, good skin match, but I felt like it got worse as time passed and the coverage got less, also the colour seemed to get darker over time! But I'll keep on using it and keep you informed as to how i get on with it! I would say it's light/medium coverage.

I'm a huuuuge Batiste fan, mainly because i'm too lazy to wash my hair everyday like i should, and I'm also a massive fan of volume so this is a dream come true for me! My hair definitely felt more volumised and kind of...chalky in texture! haha i like it like that as it's easier to style though! This was £3.99 and it's an even bigger bottle/can than it used to be, and i'm loving the new design and the smell is to die for, if they made this in a bodyspray then i'd definitely buy it!!
Now onto my little trip to Primark, usually i can't stop myself from buying TONS at Primi but nothing really caught my eye this time.

I got these lovely brown brogues which i also featured in my OOTD post and when i saw them i realised i don't actually own any brown brogues and i don't know why! I have brogues in nude, black, grey and white but not the most versatile of colours?! I don't know how this happened haha I'm a size 6 normally (in shoes not clothes, i wish!) but these are a little bit loose so i wish i'd got them in a size 5, Primark's sizes are definitely more than a little bit annoying sometimes!! They're great though, need breaking in but when they do i know they'll be comfy because Primark shoes always are. And these were £8, which you can see in the top picture anyway :)

Not very interesting but i adore these cosy socks, they're made of very soft fleecy material and i have them in all different colours! I loved these ones because i'm a sucker for mint green and the striped ones remind me of mint neapolitan ice cream :) They were only £2.

Firstly, excuse the photo of me in my pyjama's! I've spared you the top of the photo because no-one wants to see me with no make-up on, people might be eating at the time of reading this after all!! haha but i just had to share these PJ bottoms with you, i'm wearing them right now and they're SO comfy. I first spotted them in this youtube video by Zoella280390 whose video's i LOVE so i thought i had to have them! so i hunted them down in my local Primark and they had them in the grey and white that is featured in Zoe's video and also this lovely, wintery navy and white so i snapped them up! I got them in a couple of sizes bigger than i normally wear because obviously i wanted them to be nice and loose and comfy! They also have elasticated cuffs at the bottom of the legs which stop them trailing over your feet if you get a bigger size and also will be handy in the winter for keeping the heat inside your toasty PJ bottoms! They were only £5. When my boyfriend spotted my buying them he also fell in love with them and bought himself a pair! He got his in a size 16/18, because he's a curvy lady...:)
Next up is Boyes, sorry for the UBER long post, i'm a bit of a rambler when i get going!

Loreal Glam Bronze face spray! This is only £1.79 at Boyes and it's not even on offer! I got it in medium tan for when i'm more tanned because i already have the light version at home. It's good for an instant bronzing effect if you're suffering from a pale face and tanned body, like i regularly do! you just hold it about a foot away from your face and spray lightly and quickly over your whole face, holding back your hair.
Don't do it too much though otherwise it'll get clumpy and spotty on your face!

I <3 Maxfactor powder! I have this powder in the shade Medium Beige which i bought from Superdrug for £5.99 then when i was looking through the assorted make-up at Boyes i noticed they are selling some shades of this same powder for only £3.99! so i thought i'd get it in a pale shade ''Candle Glow'' so that i can use it when i'm using my pale make-up. They also had a shade called ''Gay Whisper'' which i'm ashamed to say made me giggle, what a bizarre name for a shade of make-up that is!!
And lastly my teeny tiny shop at Savers! Hang in there, I'm almost finished! :)

Montagne Jeaunesse face masks will always be my favourite! only 69p and me and my boyfriend had a lot of fun putting these on while we watched Sleepless In Seattle (i didn't force him to...promise...) They smelt lovely  and i like the ones that are ready made masks because there's no mess or fuss and you can just throw them in the bin after and splash water on your face, even if they do look a bit scary on your face!!

Lastly, and personally my favourite 69p spent on Saturday, TOFFYPOPS!

Thanks for reading!! :)

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  1. Thank you very much! :) I hope my going on didn't bore you too much haha

  2. Gunna be honest, Im probs going to go and get those PJ bottoms from Primark they look amazing! xxx

  3. Haha they're super comfy, i thought the fleece would be uncomfortably warm but it's just nice and snug too, so worth it!


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