Cosmopolitan free Eyelure lashes review!


Fergie-Ferg! but more importantly, free Eyelure lashes! I wasn't sure when i saw these in the packet because they look pretty spiky and a bit too natural for me, here's some pictures i took of them:

As you can see they aren't the thickest and fullest of eyelashes but i thought i'd give them a try anyway in the daytime, they're definitely not big enough for nighttime!
I put some browny-coppery Loreal mineral eyeshadow on my eyelid and then lined it just on the top with Rimmel Exaggerate liner with a flick at the outside corner, here's some pics!

I'm also wearing Loreal Infallible foundation, some Maxfactor False Lash Fusion mascara, NYC Colour Pop Wheel blusher and Maybelline Colour Sensational lipgloss.
I was quite happy with them for the day, they were incredibly easy to apply and gave my eyes some much-needed fullness for the day without looking too fake, i'll definitely be using them again but i don't think you'll ever tear me away from my huuuge Eyelure Intense eyelashes!

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  1. They make your eyes look beautiful! I might get the magazine now hehe xx

  2. Thank you! :) I always get it anyway so it was an added bonus!


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