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Get ready to be excited! Because Marie Claire is giving away a FREE Ciate nail varnish, worth £9! Now anyone who subscribes to Glossy Box or watches the video's of people unboxing their Glossy Boxes then you'll know they got one of these nail varnishes in it this month, and i was megaaa jealous! These colours are made especially for Marie Claire, which makes them even more exciting! I must admit, i did buy Marie Claire twice so i could get both colours (i know, i know), you also get a Dove intensive conditioner free with it too! Which for £3.60 is a bargain in my opinion!
Firstly this is what the nail varnishes look like:

WOW, how gorgeous?! i'm in love with both of the colours and they go on so so smoothly, plus the packaging is gorgeous and looks great on my nail varnish shelf!
This is what Wait Until Dark looks like on the nails:

I put Accessorize in Aztec over my ring finger just to add some interest to my manicure, also excuse the sloppy painting, i'm not much of an artist!
And now My Fair Lady:

I used a Coral colour by Barry M for my middle finger just to make it look more interesting but if you wanted a more sophisticated look this shade is great on its own, it's such a natural and glamorous look!
As for the conditioners you get free with Marie Claire, I've used this one :

It's really good at making your hair look really glossy and shiny, it's a bit too rich for me to put on the roots of my hair because i have such fine hair it'll just weigh it down but on the ends it feels really nourishing and lovely! Plus the smell is divineee.
I haven't used this one yet : 
But i'm very excited to use it! i love a good nourishing conditioner for all my dry ends haha.
With the Ciate nail varnishes you also get a 25% off code in Marie Claire and ALSO 15% off on the back of the packaging!

I don't know whether you can use both the codes at the same time but i'll definitely be trying!!

Thanks for reading :)


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  1. Wow, the colours look great! I've always wanted one of those nail polishes!xx

  2. They're gorgeous! They take pride of place at the front of all my nail varnishes now haha

  3. Wow, love the purple colour. I'm loving ciate at the moment, the finish is amazing and I find they last a while too without chipping! :-) Thankyou for all the lovely comments you have left on my blog, I always love to read them!!


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