My August wishlist!

This should be a nice summery wishlist but as I live in the UK and its currently bucketing down outside i'm leaning more towards cosy knits and sturdy ankle boots!

This is called Sparkle & Fade Geo Shawl and costs £48 from Urban Outfitters and i think it's perfect for Autumn/Winter, the colours are so pretty and muted so they'd go with anything! You could throw it over a dress and tights, jean, leggings, the options are endless! Personally i'd buy this in a bigger size so it's more slouchy than on this picture.

This is called a Multi-Chain Hand Ring and it's again from Urban Outfitters for £14 which is a little bit pricey for a ring or a bracelet, but it's so unusual that i think it would make enough of a statement to be worth the money! You wouldn't need any other jewellery if you were wearing this, i love it!

This is called Knitted Aran Cable Crop Jumper and it's £38 from Topshop, this reminds me of Christmas and winter because it's such a festive colour! i love bright colours in the winter because it perks you up and brightens up a gloomy day instantly, i think too many people just revert to wearing black in the winter after a summer of wearing gorgeous colours and it's a shame!
This would brighten up a pair of jeans a treat or you could wear it with a pair of chino's, which will last you well into the winter!

Lastly it's the MACE Black Studded Toe Boots, £36, from, yes i know, Good old Toppers again!!
These are perfectttt boots, for winter or anytime of year as far as i'm concerned! They'll toughen up absolutely anything and the price is brilliant for boots that are sturdy enough to last you season after season.

Hope you enjoyed this :) Catch you later!


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  1. Man, I want it all! I'm added the Urban Outfitters goodies to my wishlist! I really love the bracelet, so unique! I was looking for something like this and it's perfect!xx

  2. It's gorgeous isn't it! it would go with so much :) Urban Outfitters is amazing, if only it wasn't so expensive at times


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