My beauty collections!

Firstly, do not judge me when you see these pictures haha I'm convinced i have an actual addiction to buying nail varnishes/shampoo/perfume etc! Ok...brace yourselves!!

Firstly my perfume collection, i'm not going to list them all because it would take too long but i've got ones from Katy Perry, H&M, Marc Jacobs and even Primark! and plus lots more obviously haha if you want to know more about any of the fragrances just leave a comment :)

Above are all of my body moisturisers, bubble bath, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and face washes/ body and face exfoliators! Plus my razors haha.

And my most prided collection, my nail varnishes! I own every colour imaginable but i still seem to find lots of colours to buy!

Thanks for reading, and don't judge me and my spending habits too much haha :)


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