My favourites of the Autumn/Winter 11' trends!

This is just a little run down of some of Autumn/Winter 2011's biggest, and my most favourite, trends!
I know this might seem a little bit premature seen as it's only August but if you live in the UK like i do then you will know the weather has been less than perfect so i'm seeking comfort in planning what i'm going to wear when it gets even colder!

My first big trend for A/W 11' is might sound scary but fear not! I mean fetish in the classiest possible way, if there is a classy way to say fetish! Take the Giles A/W 11' show, full of leather, cinched in waists and scraped back hair, this picture from the show being the perfect example of the trend i'm talking about...

Obviously, a supermodel figure does help with this trend, but here are some wearable ways to wear the trend.
Firstly, clothing should always be black, not only does it have slimming effects, which helps when you're wearing a PVC dress, but it adds to the bad girl allure that you're aiming for!
The best website for fetish style dresses is Motel Rocks, they have some amaaazing black dresses that look simple from the front but from the back they have gorgeous cage detail that instantly fetish-ises an outfit! For example, this dress WOW.
It's also available with a coral colour back but i think this blue is just amazing.
If you're a bit colour shy or just don't think you can pull off a full fetish look, a great alternative is accessories!
Belts are a great place to start, you could put a belt like this one over a floral dress to toughen it up or jeans and a t-shirt to add interest to what is an everyday outfit, or a harness style belt like this one is great over a plain shirt, so the belt can make the statement.
And of course what would a fetish outfit be without the heels?!
For me the ultimate heels for this trend would be these beauuuties! the black rope detail teamed with the perspex heel to make it oh-so slightly stripperish is just perfect, what i wouldn't GIVE for these shoes <3

Another trend i'm lovinggg for A/W is Jewel Tones, Gucci were all over jewel tones on the catwalk, just take a look at this picture, there is more jewels here than in Tiffany's!

I mean, even the shoes are jewel toned *drool*
It's a very easy trend to wear because you can wear it in any guise, a dress in a shape that suits you and is a fail-safe, only in a jewel colour, and you're instantly on trend!
Some of my favourite pieces for this trend come from River Island, it's never afraid to venture into daring colours and i respect that about River Island because a lot of other stores seem to be afraid of colour and prints at times!
Combining two trends is always a good idea so getting this skirt is a no-brainer! The beautiful jade green colour will suit all skin tones and maxi skirts are very flattering, especially with this figure-loving pleating!
And for those wanting to take a fashion risk there's this utterly gorgeous jumpsuit! It has a palazzo leg, which is a trend that will stick around into AW, jewel toned (of course) and the stunning shoulder detail makes it perfect for a wedding reception, meal or just a special night out! Yummy.

My final favourite trend for AW is Masculine, this is a trend that has stuck around for quite a while now but it shows no signs of going away! Usually this trend is done in monochrome so the example i want to give you is Rihanna in an incredible Max Azria suit, the white suit against her red hair and the flash of flesh at the front is a perfect example of the mix of feminine you need to make masculine work.

Hands down the one stop destination for masculine tailoring on the high street is Zara, it might be more expensive than other high street retailers but you pay slightly more for the cut and quality you need to make this look work.
First up the absolute necessity you need for the masculine trend is a blazer! This isn't just essential for this trend though, everyone should have at least a black blazer in their wardrobe, i don't know what i'd do without mine! i put it over anything and everything for an instant shot of smartness!
This blazer is a muted enough colour palette to go with everything and to look smart but it's also not just your basic black blazer, navy is huge for A/W so stock up now!
For the shot of femininity you need so you don't just look like you're dressing up in your brothers clothes a blouse is perfect, this silky beauty is a winner, this tucked into a pair of pegged black trousers, black heels and the aforementioned blazer and you're ready to go!

Hope you enjoyed this post, i certainly enjoyed writing it! See you soon :)


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