My shoe wishlist!

In the absence of any actual money i'm just having to build myself a substantial clothing wishlist! Here's a few of my favourite shoes of the moment *sob* why can't they all be mine?!

Now, these are the very definition of a dream purchase because they're the Sam Edelman Grey Multi-Stud Boots, at a whopping £215 from Urban Outfitters! But they're perfection, so chic and wearable, you could wear them with anything, and the studs are just FIERCE, i love them more than words!

Now the Status Animal Court Shoe from Miss Selfridge! These are significantly more affordable than the Urban Outfitters boots at £48. I love leopard print, it's my all-time favourite print, but it's very easy for it to look cheap, but that's exactly what these shoes don't look! Love the slightly chunky heel and the platform too, guarantees that they'll be easy to walk in unlike a lot of cheaper priced courts.

Will you just look at that yummy colour?! I saw some similar to these in a magazine except they were from Primark but these top them, the suede texture adds a certain something to them, plus i bet they're more comfortable than Primark brogues too! These are the ASOS Mint Suede Lace-up Shoes and they're £35.

Would you LOOK at that ornate detailing on the buckles, just gorgeous! These could easily be triple the price that they are, for wearability, classic looks and overall stunningness they rate a 9.5 on the Richter scale of style!! Everyone should own a pair of boots in this perfect worn brown colour, and for only £39.99 what's your excuse not to?! These are the Brown Buckle Creeper Boots from River Island :)
And lastly but *sigh* definitely not leastly....

Now, these are not the usual type of shoes i go for, pink is by no means my favourite colour, velvet is not my favourite fabric but these are just dreamy! For whatever reason, i can't take my eyes off them, and plus they look SO comfy to wear! So cute and, even though they look like they'd be a nightmare to find things to wear with, so covetable! These are from Topshop (who have tons of amazing shoes at the moment!) and they're the Luxury Velvet Platform Sandals and they're £58.

Thanks for reading my little (scratch that, quite big) insomnia fuelled wishlist :)

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  1. Omg the first boots, the leopard high heels and the last funky pink one are awesome!! :)

  2. The animal print heels are gorjuss !! :)

  3. They are pretty gorgeous! and i just stumbled across the pink platforms in Vogue tonight, i'm seeing them everywhere!!

  4. They're so unusual and lovely aren't they!!

  5. loving all of these, luuust! just got your comment on my blog about my jumper, it's from Matalan... but shhh hehe x


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