Outfit of today!

Now onto my outfit of today, i just went for ice-cream at a farm and to Morrisons with my boyfriend (i know, a very exciting day haha) so thought i'd keep it casual.

Firstly, excuse the mess on the floor, it's my boyfriends bedroom! not that mines much better haha.
My jacket is from H&M ages ago and it cost me £14.99, it's amazing! Probably the favourite piece in my wardrobe, i can't get enough of it, it's one of those failsafes for when i'm umming and aahing over what to wear with my outfit, 9 times out of 10 i'll pick this up!
My rust and cream jumper is from Topshop, literally YEARS ago and i haven't worn it for over a year but i dug it out because the colours are very on trend and i'm loving it! i'll definitely be wearing it to death over Autumn/Winter! I can't for the life of me remember how much it was, that's how long ago it was!
I'm wearing it over a pale pink/nude colour t-shirt from New Look which was £3.99, you don't need to layer it but i'm using the t-shirt to add some length over my leggings, because no-one likes VPL!
My leggings are from River Island, they're the best leggings around, thick enough to hold you in and they have a thick waistband too which makes your stomach look much flatter! Spanx move over! They were £9.99 which is pricey for leggings in my opinion but still, the flat stomach is worth it!
My fail safe Primark satchel again, complete with broken strap :'(
And lastly some Primark brogues, which will be in the haul to follow, they were £8. I got them because i had no tan brogues and i have no idea why because they're a must!

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  1. Love your jacket, bag and jumper!xx

  2. Thank youu! Pity my bag has now broken :'(

  3. Love your jacket and I used to have that jumper from topshop in purple and cream stripes but I have no idea where it is :(
    Loving he sound of river island "suck you in" leggings as well.
    DAMN YOU for making me want to buy everything you buy!!

  4. Yes i remember it in purple and cream! I just stumbled across it when i was looking in my drawers, very happy with it :) haha i apologise, but they are a wardrobe essential so i think you can justify them ;) i'm the worst person if you're trying to avoid spending money, i'll always find a rational reason to buy something! haha


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