Outfit of yesterday!

This is my outfit from yesterday, i was just going into town to meet my boyfriend and do some shopping (lucky him!), i did indeed do a bit of shopping, i'll do a haul after i've finished this post :)
Right, onto my outfit!

Firstly my pinky-brown coloured shirt with the pussy-bow is from H&M, it's sleeveless and i got it in the sale for about £9.99, which is a bargain because i love the colour and the feel of it! it's sheer though, so i'm wearing a £1.50 black vest from Primark underneath it.
My mac is from H&M as well, it's really gorgeous and was only about £15-£20, it goes with everything so for the price it was a great buy, it fits really well unlike the cheaper ones from Primark and it has little leather accents on it like on the collar and the belt, a mac is a wardrobe essential so finding the right one for you is a must.
The silky nude coloured skirt with the lace trim is from River Island and it was £9.99 but i bought it at Christmas time so it won't be in the shops anymore. I love the black elasticated waistband that defines your waist and the lace at the trim gives it a bit of girly interest, makes it look almost lingerie-like!
My tights are from Sainsburys, i find they do the blackest, thickest tights and they never ladder! only about £4 for a pack 4.
My satchel is the one from my previous OOTD, tan satchel from Primark, although i'm sad to report the long strap is now almost broken off, meaning i have to carry it by the little handle at the top :( usually my Primark bags last a long time but this one is clearly a dud!
and my shoes are tan ankle boots from Miss Selfridge, they're so cute and remind me of little Victorian style boots, they're more like brogues but come upto the ankle instead of just stopping at the foot. They cost me £35 which is a little bit more expensive than i'd normally like to pay but they're so worth it, i wear them all the time.
Now onto my jewellery!

From left to right - Miss Selfridge,  Asos, H&M.

Asos (loveeee this!)

Watch - Boyes! (bargain, only £5) Rings from top to bottom - H&M, H&M, Matalan



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