Outift and nails of the night!

I went to the cinema last night so thought i'd do a quick OOTN and nails of the night!
We went to see Mr Poppers Penguins which i didn't think would be very good but it was a big surprise! i loved it and i almost shed a tear at the end, a very sweet film and Jim Carrey was his usual brilliant self, he even looked  quite dishy!! haha right, onto the OOTN.

Excuse my hair firstly, i just let it dry naturally haha and just a quick note on my face, i'm wearing Natural Collection Apple Blossom on my lips and i found it quite drying at first but then i used the lipbalm on my Revlon Lipstain first and then after i'd applied the lipstick and it's much better!
Shirt - Topshop - £?. Jacket - H&M - £14.99. Jeggings - Primark - £8. Plimsolls - Primark - £4. Bag - Vintage - £?.

I saw in a magazine that Lauren Conrad uses a ''ombre'' technique on her hair but also on her nails, so i thought i 'd copy her!! She started with a red like i did then worked her way through the colour palette getting gradually lighter as they went along, i really like the effect! and you can do it with any colour so i'll definitely be using this again :) I like the idea of starting at black and working my way through greys until i get to white!

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Hi, liked the blog.
    What do you think of following each other?
    kisses. even more.

  2. heya thanks for the comment, you look lovely here, i love this outfit xxx

  3. We seem to share the same addiction I also LOVE nail varnishs I really like the fading thing you've done i think i'll have to try that soon :)

  4. @Steffani-Louise Thank you! :)
    @Jelliebean haha i'm definitely a nail varnish addict :/ i admit it!! haha yeah I really like the effect too, and if it's good enough for Lauren Conrad, it's good enough for me! :)


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