What's in my make-up bag!

I've seen this kind of post a lot on other peoples blogs and i always find them really interesting to read so thought i'd join the club and do one! :)
Firstly here's what my make-up bag looks like:

It's veeery small and totally doesn't fit the majority of my make-up in it so it mostly spills out into my handbag!  i keep meaning to buy another one but always find more important (read, frivolous) things to spend my money on!
I'll start with my face products:

Top left - ELF Complexion Perfection - £3.50 (i just bought this a few days ago and i'm loving it! I'll be doing a quick ELF review on what i bought sometime soon). Top right - Bourjois Delice de Soleil Bronzer - £8.99.
Middle left - Loreal Infallible foundation (for when i'm pale! I don't wear all this make-up on my face at once haha) - around £12 but i got it when it was half price! Next to that is my blusher brush, no idea where i got this from, i've had it for yonks! Then my Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba next to that which was £1.99. Below that is a little sponge i use to put my make-up on :) Then next to that at the top is Lush Colour Supplement in Light Yellow, now i got a voucher for this in a magazine so i thought i might as well give it a try and when i went into Lush the lady was so helpful and helped me match the colour to my skintone, it gives me a really pale, even look and i use it sometimes as my foundation if i want light coverage, or underneath my normal ''pale'' foundation Loreal Infallible for medium to full coverage! It's normally £7.95 so i was lucky to get it free, the pot will last me FOREVER, you only need a tiny bit for your whole face.
Underneath that is Maybelline Smoother Primer,  which is £8.99. I only got this because A) i hadn't used a primer before and B) it was on 3 for 2 in Superdrug when it first came out, so i thought i might as well give it a  go! It says Anti-Age on the front which is obviously pointless for me (so i thought) because i'm only 19, but it smooths out any cracks or open pores i might have and makes my base flawless! The only downfall is the teeny tiny pot, which won't last long, boohoo :(
And underneath that is my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse concealer, i've used this concealer for YEARS and it's brilliant, i don't like cream concealers so when i saw this one i snapped it up and i've never looked back! Until i can afford Touche Eclat, this is my dark circle destroyer!! Unfortunately, and this has brought many tears to my eyes, this has now been discontinued, i've no idea why because its incredible but luckily i have a lot of it left because you only need a little bit to cover your under eyes and blemishes! If anyone has any alternatives to this for me then please leave a comment, it'd be much appreciated :)
And next to that is my ''TANNED'' foundation haha i LOVELOVE this foundation, i want to get it in a pale shade too but it's too expensive for me at the moment! It's the Maybelline Anti-Age The Eraser foundation and it's £9.99. The sponge on the end is waaaay too complicated for me to get my head round so what i do is  apply it onto my face with the sponge on the end then use my own foundation sponge to smooth it over my face properly. It gives me a flawless, golden glow when i'm tanned and i just love the creamy consistency!
Then finally at the bottom is my Maxfactor Creme Puff powder in Candle Glow, this is my pale powder but it's unfortunately still a bit too tanned so i'm going to have to get another shade, i love Maxfactor powder though, it's definitely the best of the drugstore brands.
Now onto eyes!

Left - Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara, i usually use this after a few coats of the mascara next to it because otherwise it clumps if i use it on its own! - This is £5.99 in Superdrug at the moment, snap it up!!. Next to that is Maxfactor False Lash Fusion mascara, my faveeee mascara, amazing brush and makes my spindly, titchy eyelashes look black and lush! - This is £8.99 down from £11.99 in Superdrug also, go Superdrug!! Next to thattttt is a Models Own eyeshadow blending brush, great for blending your eyeshadows, simples! - £5 from Boots.
Next to that at the top is the Accessorize Eye Wardrobe, this is an amazing palette! the colours are so pigmented and longlasting, the browns are my favourites. I got it with some false eyelashes and a lipgloss near christmas, but there's more pictures and info on this blog > http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/accessorize-eye-wardrobe-eyeshadow-palette.
Underneath that is my Models Own eyeliner which i use as a eyebrow pencil, i love it but unfortunately it's almost gone :'( and i can't find it anywhere!! double :'(!!
Then it's the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, i lost the little brush that comes with it so if anyone knows where i can get another similar one then let me know :) at the moment i'm just using a thin eyeshadow brush. This was £7.99.
And lastly Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner, my favourite liquid eyeliner by far, i'll just have to hope they don't discontinue this as well!! This is around £5.
Lastly lips! (Sorry for rambling on as usual!)
 From left to right - Vaseline! The old favourite, i cannot live without this, it's my saviour because my pet hate is having dry lips, i can't stand it! Only 89p is good old Savers too, score! ELF Liquid Lipstick, I bought this the other day in my ELF haul (Free shipping on ELF now with the code QHIP123UK) and it's so nice! A really thick pigmented lipgloss, i'm not usually a big lipgloss fan but this does the trick! It was £1.50 and i got it in the shade Strawberry (look out for my ELF haul blog post coming soon for more info and swatches of it)
Then another ELF product! Mineral lipstick in Cool Coral, i love the formula and the light, wearable orange of this lipstick, £3.50.
Next Collection 2000 Lasting Colour lipstick in Orange Punch, an amazing bright orange! Even if you can't be bothered to apply much make-up this is a must have to just slick on your lips and go! Only £2.99, wow-wee!!
Now another new purchase from, you guessed it, ELF! haha, it's the Studio Matte Lip Colour in Coral which is very popular right now! I won't say too much about it because i'll be banging on about it in my ELF post but it's brilliant and easy to apply, although you'll need to keep applying it because staying power is not its strong point, £3.50.
Next along is 17 Shine On lipstick in Flirty which is £2.29 in Boots at the moment! This is my all time favourite lipstick, its a great formula, shiny and easy to apply!
Finally, Revlon Shiny Sheers in Dewy Blossom which cost me £1(!!) from Poundland! Sometimes you can grab great bargains from here, and this one is particularly good! I love this fun pink colour.

Thanks for reading, sorry for it being so long, yet againnn!! haha

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  1. I loved your post
    I always like reading what's in my bags posts!
    I have the Lush Colour Supplement too and I love it! I've had my pot for about 2 months now and there's still loads in. If you apply it with a foundation brush it gives even more coverage and becomes more like a foundation rather than a tint Xx


  2. Me too! i thought, i know they've been done to death on everyones blogs but i love reading them so why not! Yeah that's exactly what i do with my Lush colour supplement, a foundation brush applies it really well! :)


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