Aussie Party Pack has arrived!


When this beast of a package arrived at my door this morning i knew it could only be one thing, the Aussie Party Pack i won off Aussie Angel Beauty Comes From Within! I posted about this a while go (Aussie Party Pack Winner!!) and i'm so excited now it's arrived :) Here's the contents;

I'm very excited about the popping candy! haha.
The above product is also really exciting, i've needed a heat protection spray for ages now so to receive this one free is brilliant! I can't wait to use it, Aussie products always smell really good and work really well so i'm sure this will be no exception. It's originally £4.69 from Boots.
Thanks again to Aussie and Beauty Comes From Within!

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  1. Your so lucky all the things they sent you look amazing
    Haha I love the popping candy and flip flops
    Can you do a review of the heat protect spray I saw it in Superdrug when doing an Aussie shop and wasn't sure whether to get it?

  2. Yesss i definitely will do that for you :) Might do it tonight actually! The popping candy is amazing, i'm going to sprinkle it on a cake i think, make it more interesting :) i don't really wear flip flops but they're handy for just nipping out to the shops or something, although maybe not in this weather! haha

  3. Congrats on winning! Great package!


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