Best dressed of the Emmy's 2011!

It's only just taken place but i thought seen as i'm in the throes of insomnia (yet again!) I would do a post on the best dressed of this years ceremony :)
There are really some absolute peaches, wait until you see these beautiful people and their (vastly overpriced, but so worth it) clothes...

Sofia Vergara.

I mean just, woah!? She looks KNOCKOUT. The colour of this Vera Wang dress is perfect for her, the earrings, her hair, hair figure, she's stunning, 10/10!

Kerry Washington.

Firstly, i felt a little bit hesitant posting a picture of Kerry because she looks so painfully skinny in some of the photo's from the ceremony, but this is a decent angle (still Kerry, please go eat a Magnum or something), I don't usually mention peoples weight because it's their business what size they are but in some photo's she's quite hard to actually look at. Anyway! Onto the outfit, that is one amazing creation of a dress! How much work must have gone into this Zuhair Murad masterpiece?! Love the beaded, slightly sheer skirt, matching colour pop lips and clutch and sleek dark hair. (Forgetting about the weight for a minute) 9/10.

Claire Danes.

Now here's a beautiful, naturally slim-looking woman! The colours in this gorgeous Oscar De La Renta gown are amazing with her fair skin and blonde hair, think i might have preferred a updo instead of just a basic blow-dry but still, she looks amazing and fresh faced. 8/10

Nina Dobrev.

Another complete knockout gown! If you're going to wear a red dress on the red carpet then you have to make sure it's a breathtaker, and Nina did not disappoint! This Donna Karan number is very Vivienne Westwood-esque, which is probably why i love it so much! It couldn't fit her any better, it doesn't just fit like a glove, in fact, it puts all gloves in the shade with the way it fits her. I realise i'm gushing but she looks, top to toe, incredible! a very predictable 10/10 from me!

Thanks a lot!

*All pictures not my own, taken from Google Images.

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  1. :O Nina's dress is stunning! What an amazing figure too

  2. wow I'm getting major curve and hair envy from Nina! Another really get post! Thanks for all of yours on mine too, your really motivating me to keep blogging! xxx

  3. She's ridiculously gorgeous in this pic isn't she! talk about making a statement haha!
    Meg, you're welcome :) I love your blog, it's deffo one of my faves at the moment :)

  4. My favorite was definitely the Donna Karan dress that Nina wore!! Wow!!!


  5. I love Nina's dress the most, she looks stunning in this picture :)

    Love Christine ♥


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