Body Shop goodies!

I bought a couple of things from The Body Shop the other day so thought i'd do a quick post :)
I love getting stuff from The Body Shop because it always feels like a treat, the prices are a little bit out of my range so it has to be pretty special for me to want to buy it!
First up i bought these lovely lip balms;

Mango Peach is a lovely sheer orange that feels nourishing on your lips but i felt like it got a bit sticky after a while and needed reapplying. The smell is amazing, i could literally scoop the lip balm out of the tub and eat it on toast! But that would be horrible so i restrain myself...
The Satsuma Shimmer is exactly what it says on the tin (or tub in this case) it's a very orangey smelling, orangey coloured shimmer! 
My favourite out of the two, just because the orange is so strong and uplifting plus the shimmer adds some interest and stops it being just any old lip balm.
These cost £2 each but i got them for £3 for the two because i had a discount code for 25% off, which you get when you sign upto email updates :)

I also got this amazing Dreams Unlimited gift set, i've wanted the Body Shop Love etc.. perfume for ages but when i smelt this one i actually preferred it! The box is so cute but obviously that isn't why i bought it, the smell is to die forrrr, i can't leave myself alone when i'm wearing it! I keep smelling myself like a weirdo haha which can only be a good sign...right?! 
You get a 30ml bottle of the Dreams Unlimited Eau De Parfum and a bottle of the matching body wash.
The body wash has a really nice lather and you only need a little bit for it to go a long way.
Same goes for the perfume really, just a couple of spritzes and you're done! But i always like to overdo my perfume dosage until i'm drenched in it :)
I'm not very good at describing scents so you'd have to go into your nearest Body Shop and try it out but apparently it has: Top notes of citrus and green chilli, a heart of delicate white flowers and base notes of soft cedarwood...Couldn't have put it better myself! 
Perfumes are very personal though so i wouldn't recommend buying one without trying it first instore or from a tester in a magazine.
This gift set was £10.50, and i felt very stingey when the lady behind the counter asked if i'd like it wrapped as a gift and i had to admit it was actually just for me :( haha 
But it's my birthday soon so i just about get away with it ;) 
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed :)

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  1. I'd love to be able to afford some of The Body Shop goodies but I can't because of my tight university budget. I'm really interested in their body butters and lip butters!

  2. Nice buys!

  3. really enjoyed reading this post - i totally know what you mean about buying things from the body shop feeling like a treat! I went in there a couple of days ago and also got one of these lipbalms but i got the passionberry one which is purple, it smells and tastes divine though!!
    really like your blog, i'm following you now :)
    Take care <3 Holz oxo

  4. Body shop products are lovely, I especially like their lip balms. Everything always smells so good in there.

  5. Their lip balms are so yummy and moisturizing!:D

    ***** Marie *****
    Freeman Beauty Blogger Kit Giveaway

  6. I have the manjo lip balm it smells so nice doesn't it?
    anyway following you blog hope you follow back xx

  7. I love dreams unlimited, It my everyday perfume which I keep in my handbag, doesn't last as long as some scents but then for the price you can afford to keep spritzing all day! the lip balms look delicious! xx

  8. bodyshop products ! I love them !

  9. @GABY i know, their stuff can be pretty pricey, i only ever buy sale stuff really! But if i could afford to buy their body butters all the time i would, they're divineee!

    @t Thanks! great blog :)

    @Holziepink it so does! It really feels like you're pampering yourself everytime you use it too! haha Lush is kind of the same but for me Body Shop is still top in luxuryness :P Thanks you so much! I'm also following your lovely blog :)

    @Megan the lip balms are lovely, i need to try a lip butter next though, heard so many good things!

    @Marie they are indeed! luxury for my lips, because they're worth it! haha

    @Fariha it indeed does! I have to keep smelling it all the time, whenever i apply it to my lips i have a cheeky sniff of it! haha you have a great blog :)

    @Hannah oof i know, it smells amazing doesn't it! I tend to drench myself in perfumes so i could never buy a really expensive one, like i've had my eye on Angel by Thierry Mugler but its about £50 for 25ml :| It would be gone in a week with me!! haha

    @Raquel C me too!! I just wish i had more of them!


  10. mmm those lip balms look good enough to eat! xxx

  11. Your posts are lovely :)
    I have one of those lip balms, and I love it, I dont know what flaver it is, I ripped of the cover :L but it smeelss gorgous xxxx

  12. Those lip balms look yummy great colours xx

  13. @Meg I know! I have to restrain myself from having a lick sometimes :| hahaha!

    @Mursal aww thank you :D haha well as long as it smells yummy it doesn't matter what flavour it is ;)

    @Claire Louise They're so nice and nourishing :)


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