Boots & Superdrug haul!

I know...another haul!!
But as these are my favourite posts to read i don't feel so guilty writing another one haha! 
I've built up a few hauls lately, there's 2 more to come after this one, it's been quite a shopaholic couple of weeks!!
I bought these things last Wednesday :)
Firstly we'll start with Boots, because i bought the least from there.

I got this Blush & Glow from the 17 range, in the shade Peaches And Cream.
I got this because it was 3 for 2 and i thought it looked really unusual! 
It's a lovely peachy shade plus a cream coloured highlighter in one.
When i used this it was quite shimmery, but it left a lovely colour on my cheeks, i'd probably use this for nights out and special occasions more than during the day because of the shimmeryness (i know, that's not a word! haha).
This was £3.99.

Then i got this 17 Nail Xtra's Strengthening Base Coat! I'm constantly looking for things to strengthen and protect my poor old nails! 
It makes the nails nice and shiny but whether it protects them or not i can't tell haha but it's a good base coat and nail polishes apply very well over the top of it. I've ordered some nail strengthening items from the latest Avon catalogue so i'm hoping they'll have a real effect :)
This was £3.99.

I haven't used this one yet but it's such a gorgeous colour! It's one of the 17 Solo eyeshadows in the shade Regal.
I'm looking forward to making a more interesting take on the smoky eye by replacing black with this beautiful dark blue :)
This was £3.89.
Now for Superdrug!

Batiste dry shampoo is half price at the moment so i thought i'd snap one up! This one is in the Diva scent, it smells lovely like all the Batiste's :)
This was only £1.45.

The Vitamin E skincare range is definitely my holy grail! Every product i've used from it has performed well and this is no exception, i used the skin oil at night and in the morning my skin had never looked better! It's quite greasy so i wouldn't recommend using it in the day but for a night-time boost i can't encourage you more to buy this if you have normal or dry skin, it's a bit too oily for oily skin haha!
This was a bargain £1.99 and would last you forever because you only need a tiny bit!

I got this Collection 2000 powder for my pale days! Which are most days at the moment haha 
Can't go wrong, it combats shine and is super pale, just what i needed! And at only £1.99 i have no complaints.

I got another Sleek lipstick because i love the matte one i bought a couple of weeks ago! 
I got a sheen one this time though and it's lovely a moisturising, it's a nice peachy colour, hence the name Peaches & Cream (which is weirdly the second thing in this haul to be called that!)
It's a really easy to wear shade and it's a good formula for only £3.99, they seem to have a lot of unusual shades too that i haven't seen before! I'm really enjoying building up my Sleek collection, i'm a bit of a Sleek newbie you see!
I also bought some of the Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser, but you all know what that looks like! :)
Thanks for putting up with yet anotherrr haul! haha

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  1. lovely haul :) i really wanna try the sleek lipsticks, i think i'll pick one up next time i have money! xx

  2. I'm following your blog - really interested to know how the nail hardening products work out! (my nails are currently being RUINED from waitressing)

  3. Hey!! Lovely post!! By the way I passed two blog awards to you!! Just because ur so amazing!!

  4. Pretty blog and cute post :D
    Follow me ^^

  5. I like the Blush & Glow <3
    Batiste dry shampoo is the best Xx

  6. Nice buys! I'm going to Boots on thursday to take full advantage of the 3 for 2 - I can't wait :D

  7. Oh my gosh, I recently used dry shampoo for the first time and I'm obsessed! It's so amazing! :)

    sorelle in style

  8. ooo nice products! I find number 17 and collection 2000 so reasonable! I love the lipstick the most I think :) xxx

  9. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog dear :)

    I love this haul, the lipstick is definitely my fav.


  10. @Dolly Daydream Thank you! Yeah Collection 2000 is great value for it's prices, same for 17!

    @Emily they're really nice and moisturising, even the matte ones :)

    @Lara urghh tell me about it!! I'll definitely let you know how i get on with them when they arrive, i'm hoping i'll find a miracle cure for my brittle stubs :(

    @Mursal awww thank you!! You're pretty amazing too :D

    @Adel Thank you very much :) Your blogs lovely!

    @GABY i know, i fell in love with it, i'm so looking forward to using it!

    @Claire Louise It's really cute looking isn't it, 17 are quite experimental with their products for a cheap brand :)

    @Sophie Isobel 3 for 2's are so amazing, i always try to get 3 things of around the same price so i get the most saving out of my 3 for 2 ;) haha sneaky!

    @le sorelle ohh i couldn't live without it! haha i'm so lazy! but a few squirts of Batiste dry shampoo save me from the hardship of washing my hair everyday!

    @Meg's Budget Boutique I know, great for people on a budget, like i SHOULD be haha :P lipsticks amazing, such a cute name too :)

    @Ulrika you're welcome :) It is a beautiful shade!

  11. At last! Another girl who loves Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Oil as much as me haha! Its my absolute saviour! Never known a product to leave youre skin so smooth and glowing when you wake up!

    Katrina xxx

  12. It's so amazing isn't it! Can't believe it hasn't become a cult product yet haha


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