Garnier BB Cream, my verdict!


Just a quick post to tell you my views on the new Garnier BB Cream!
I got this in Light, and it was on offer for £7.49 in Sainsbury's down from £9.99.
This applies really well, but for me it doesn't do anything than any other tinted moisturiser does! 
It makes your skin look dewy, which i personally like but if you like a matte effect on your face then this is NOT the product for you! Unless you heavily powder your face.
It doesn't do a lot of the things it claims to on the box for me, it boosts glow and hydrates it but other than that i didn't notice any blurred imperfections or anything like that! 
I'll use it as a normal tinted moisturiser but maybe under a foundation it might be better.
For £9.99 i wouldn't be buying this again, probably not even for £7.49, it really isn't the product for me but if you like light coverage and a dewy glow to your complexion you'll really like this.

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  1. i really hope this comes state side very soon!! i have seen multiple reviews and really want to try it.

    thanks for posting this!!

  2. Im still really tempted to give this a whirl. I kinda wish this had been released over the summer, seems more relavent then. Nice little review :)


  3. Garnier are giving away samples of this so I've sent off for them, I thought it was best to try it out before buying cos it's had mixed reviews. x

  4. @glitterskulls You're welcome :) It's a decent tinted moisturiser as i said but i was a bit disappointed by it :(

    @AspirationsOfGlam yeah definitely, in winter you want something a bit heavier for your face really! Thank you :)

    @Emma yeah i think that's definitely a good idea of theirs! I would recommend giving it a whirl before splashing out on the full size one!


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