H&M haul!

I've been meaning to do this post for about a week but i'm just getting round to it, oopsy!!
I'll dive straight in!

This dress is great for ''hourglass'' figures on paper because it nips in at the waist and flares out over your hips and thighs but actually it nips in a bit too high on your waist making your hips look bigger than they actually are! I really love this dress with a jacket or a cardi over it, completely transforms it, but on it's own i don't think i'd feel very good in it! I'm thinking of buying it in the Powder colour as well, just because of how good it looks underneath layers and because the material is so thick and wintery, such good quality for the price! This was £14.99 and the link is here. (Don't mind the tip in the picture above, it's taken in my boyfriends room! haha)

This is quite a cute piece! It's a nice, almost 50s style, cropped cardigan, but it's in a very chunky knit which will be SO cosy when Winter hits properly.
I got it in pale pink because the blue/green shade was sold out :( It's back in stock now though and i'm very tempted by it because it's such an eyecatching colour and would jazz up anything in your wardrobe!
This was only £7.99 and the link is here!

I'm loving bodycon skirts at the moment! I like wearing them with slouchy jumpers and knitwear over the top, think it's a really flattering look! This is the first of 3 bodycon skirts i bought in this haul so i won't rattle on for too long, but the quality of the skirt's really good, nice and stretchy so it's a flattering fabric, and this light brown/tan colour is so on trend!
This was only £2.99(!) and the link is here.

From the same range of bodycon skirts from H&M, only in black and white stripes! Now i know they say girls over a certain size shouldn't wear horizontal stripes but to hell with it, i actually think they're quite slimming! Monochrome stripes are a classic too so i'll be able to wear this with almost anything :)
This was also £2.99 and the link is here!

And here's the same kind of skirt but from a different range! I probably like this skirt best, it's slightly thicker material and doesn't ride up at all, which the others do when you're sat down and moving around a lot.
It's this beeeautiful wine colour which, again, is so on trend! This is such a cheap way to keep your outfits inkeeping with the latest colours. (That isn't a stain on the front of the skirt by the way, it's just my pooey camera! haha).
This skirt was £3.99 and the link is here!

This nail varnish is really gorgeous! A lovely zingy blue/teal colour, high shine finish and a great formula for the price! U Must Have This is a very appropriate name! They don't actually sell this colour anymore because it was in the sale, but they sell a colour that's extremely similar (in fact i'm convinced it's the same one just with a different name!) and it's called Mambo Jambo, there's a link to it here.
I bought this for £1.99 but they're normally £2.99.

Lastly, these lovely chunky gold rings!
I have a mini obsession with rings (not as big as my obsession with nail varnishes, but close!) so these were a great find, good to jazz up any outfit really, i think Mr T would definitely approve of my blingage!
I couldn't find a link to these so they must have sold out :( But they were only £1.99.

Thanks a lot for reading and i hope you enjoyed this haul!
I'll be doing another H&M haul soon because a few more clothing items are on their way :)
I love ordering things to try out from H&M because it's so easy to return them through the post if they're not quite right :)
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. Wow, I love these outfits! & my goodness girl, you've got the most gorgeous figure! :)

    xo, Samantha

  2. Lovee the nail polish colour and great dress and skirts!
    I've just tinily featured you in my latest post :)

  3. I like your lipstick in the first photo, and your H&M nail varnish :)

      Madison's Assortment

  4. I actually thought of buying that rusty dress myself, but I tried it on and it made me look chunky. Not a look I want to go with.

    Love the nail polish and the gold rings ! I'm wearing dark turquoise/teal myself at the moment, love bright colours. :)

    Come visit me at pug-a-licious and maybe we can follow each other :)

  5. I really like what you picked up from H&M and their nail polishes are really good :)

    Love Christine ♥

  6. ooo this is a very good haul! The rings are gorgeous and so cheap, I may have to go on the hunt for those myself! and the body con skirts look great on you, they are such a staple and go with everything! xxx


  7. @Samantha aww thank you very much!!

    @Faye's Fix aww wow thanks for crediting me with your nail varnish find! haha hope you like it :)

    @Madison's Assortment Thank you! The lipstick is Collection 2000 Lasting Colour lipstick in Berry Blast :)

    @I AM NOT FASHION they are gorgeous for the price!

    @Ulrika yeah it does to me when i wear it with nothing over it! It's such a strange shaped dress in that way haha but i like how thick it is!

    @Christine Iversen Their nail varnishes are really good value :)

    @Meg's Budget Boutique Yeah they might still be available instore! Just the website sells out sooo quickly! They are great little cheapo items to snazz up your wardrobe :)

  8. That nail polish is amazing :O Too bad they don't have that exact colour, but the other colour you linked does look totally similar :) I think that kind of blue is just so pretty.

  9. I love it! Those kind of teals and bright blues are gorgeous for nails


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