H&M most wanted!

I received the H&M catalogue yesterday and, i must admit, i placed a cheeky order! Here's some of the things in the catalogue that caught my eye :)

Aren't they gorgeous?! As i said i've ordered a few things so i'll do a haul when they arrive :)

Oh and i'd like to buy this guy, but he wasn't for sale :( boo.


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  1. I'm really loving H&M at the moment! I never used to see anything in there, but lately it's been really impressive! Especially love the knitwear, such a good price for great quality:)xx

  2. H&M has always beautiful things! I really love shopping in H&M! Alyas find something! :)


  3. oooofff, I can never get enough of H&M, I reckon I go in there about 4 times a week just to look lol! xx

  4. Those leggings look funky =]
    They have some awesome jumpers and things in for the Autumn too!!

  5. LOL for wanting the guy!!
    the polo neck jumper is gorge, cant wait for your haul

    oh, and btw check out the new layout!! <3

    Lovee xx

  6. @Blaming Beauty Same hereee, i didn't used to go in at all but the past year or so i've been obsessed! my room is filled with H&M purchases haha

    @Patrishian It's amazing :) Love your blog btw!!

    @Hannah it's so cheap as well, it doesn't feel like a guilt ridden purchase when you buy something haha

    @XxDollyBlossom I know, i ordered the green and dark brown, excited for them to arrive although god knows what they'll look like on!!

    @Mursal hahaha i have a bit of a one track mind at times ;) thank youu & i love the new layout!! :)



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