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If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I ordered the tanning kit from Laurens Way which consists of the tanning lotion and bronzing mousse for only £20 for a limited time only! and I also used the 25% off code from Vivianna Does Makeup (which expires today so get on over there and pick it up!) which brought the price down to £15! Considering the cheapest of these two tans costs £15.95 that's an amazing saving!! I was so excited to use these and when they came yesterday i was beside myself!
I waited until before i went to bed because that's usually when i do all my tanning, so i can wake up a lovely golden (occasionally orange if I've overdone it!) colour!
Before i started i took a picture of how pale i was, i was so white i was practically blue!!

I used my St Moriz tanning mitt, which was about £2 from Savers, to apply the tan, i used the mousse for my first layer -

It looks PRETTY unsightly haha but it definitely does the trick, it goes on very smoothly and you only need a couple of pumps to do your whole arm or leg.
Then i used the lotion for my second coat -

I put faaar too much on my mitt because i'm used to a less pigmented tan like St Moriz and i had enough to use on both of my legs from just a couple of pumps! (don't mind my cat Smudge snoozing in the background on that picture! haha)
And here are the results!
Really happy with the colour! Considering it's only 2 coats this is such a lovely golden colour! I'm really happy with this tan and would thoroughly recommend it, it's a much more olive, natural colour than St Moriz! But i'll still be using St Moriz to top up my tan on my stomach and back so i don't waste my Laurens Way.
I haven't showered off the top layer yet so i'll see what kind of colour it goes when i have but I'm guessing it'll be a nice golden colour! I'm extremely happy with it and would give it a full 5 out of 5!!
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. That is a really nice fake tan. I might have to invest in some now I have seen the results. x

  2. oh wow thats such a nice colour!! May have to invest for the winter, thats when I can actually be bothered to fake tan, im usually way too lazy! looking forward to seeing what it looks like when its washed off and in the natural light xx

  3. It is such a lovely colour! So different from St Moriz. I will be posting a natural light picture once i've used it for a few days, i'll keep you updated :D


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