Mini ELF haul!


Yet another haul haha and i have another H&M and HMV haul coming up too, eeeek!
But you can't blame me, i have an addiction!!
Right, i'll crack on :)

I got this ELF lipstick, from the normal line, for £1.50 and this is in the shade Voodoo.
I really like this colour! It's unusual, the consistency is quite creamy, it needs reapplying quite a lot after drinking or eating but what can you expect for £1.50!? haha
This is an idea of what it looks like on;

It's not a very good picture but i took it in a hurry when i was in the car! haha but you can see it's a rich browny-red.

This is the ELF Matte lip colour in Tea Rose.
I already have it in Coral which you'll know if you've seen my last ELF haul post, but i thought i'd try a couple more colours, I got these when they were on offer for £1 each! 
It's definitely a better formula than the Coral one, this lasts longer and doesn't make your lips look chapped and dry.
It still needs reapplying quite a lot though, so bear that in mind!
This is what it looks like on;

It's a lovely natural colour, perfect for when you're wearing strong eyes and don't want them to clash with your lip colour.

This is another ELF Matte lip colour and this is in Praline! I haven't worn this one properly yet but it's a mid-browny pink, it's a nice wearable colour and i'm excited about wearing it! This was also £1.

I love this blusher!! It's from the normal £1.50 line of ELF products and it's a rich, deep pink that gives you a perfect "just been out for a winters walk" flush in your cheeks :) This is in the shade, fittingly, Flushed!
Here's some swatches of all of the products :)

Hope you enjoyed this mini haul! :)

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  1. I've never bought anything from ELF before, really should as it's so cheap! x

  2. What lovely things you got I adore the colour of the blusher, that's going on my elf wish list! :p xx

  3. Great picks. x

  4. I love the dark eye make up and tea rose lipstick, really pretty :) xxx

  5. @Emma yeah it is amazing value! Depends what you get though, best to look up reviews of the products online before you buy because some of the things aren't worth buying even for such a cheap price as they plainly don't work!

    @Claire Louise Fowler haha it's gorgeous! Perks my skin right up when it's feel dull and grey!

    @Katie thank you :)

    @Meg's Budget Boutique Thank you very much :) I love your blog!!


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