My eBay find!

Hello there!
Just thought i'd update you with a quick post about a great find i discovered on eBay! I've seen a lot of people wearing these like The Persian Babe on Youtube, my best friend and also Paddy Doherty from Celebrity Big Brother (I know, he's my style icon too...) so i thought i'd search for one! You can buy more expensive ones from Aldo but the one that i bought cost £1.95 so i would definitely recommend bypassing them and heading for eBay!
Enough of the suspense now, i'll show you what i'm talking about...

A bracelet with images of the almighty on it! Now, i must admit, i'm certainly no Christian and my religious beliefs lie elsewhere but if you are a Christian this is a lovely item for you to show that, in a fashionable way! For me this is purely a fashion accessory but i'm sure some people will assume i'm a son of a preacher man if they see me wearing it haha as i said it was £1.95 from eBay seller 09peak, and i got mine in ''Medium Brown''.
Hope you likeee :)

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  1. Oh! Got two of these at home! It's for my mom's - she's very Christian... and indeed these are lovely!

  2. aww that's really cute, love the little pictures x

  3. love that bracelet, I cant seem to find a nice one anywhere!

  4. Nice bracelet :)

  5. I like bracelet :)


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