My eBay impulse buys, uncovered!

If you saw my post a couple of weeks ago, My eBay impulse buys!, then you'll be happy to know everything's arrived and i'm thrilleddd with most of them! There's also a couple more purchases that i made, after that post, thrown in :)
Firstly, OPI nail varnish in Cabana Banana!
The formula is great! I love the colour too, i put a matte topcoat on top of it and it looked equally as good, i reckon it would look great with a glitter topcoat on it too :) It's so unusual and a noticeable colour, if you like having fun with your nails then this is a perfect colour for you!
I got this from the eBay seller ShoePrincess2008 for £6.99.

This is very sheer and it was about 4 coats to get it to the colour above, and that's still not true to how it looks in the bottle.
I still really like the colour but you'd need to use a base coat underneath so that you can peel it off your nail because if you tried to remove this many coats with nail varnish remover and cotton wool it would take you all night!!
I ordered this from an American eBay seller called enchantedbeautyspot and although it took a bit longer to get to me, obviously, it's so much cheaper for brands like this when you buy from international sellers!
This was only £3.72 in English pounds.

This is the one i'm most impressed with! Only two coats gets you a dense, glittery effect, i'm in love with it!
I'd definitely recommend this, i'll be purchasing more Nubar nail varnishes, especially glitter ones, when i have the money!
This is also from enchantedbeautyspot and costs just £5.02.

This is one of the things i purchased after posting my last eBay post, it's just a gorgeous shimmery, metallic lilac nail varnish!
It's Accessorize nail varnish in Steel.
And this was only 99p!

 1 Coat! ^

2 Coats ^
 3 Coats ^

I'm not a massive fan of this mascara! If you like long, lengthened lashes then this is for you but i like mine to be thick as well as long so this isn't for me!
I got it from georgina3627 for £2.99.

Lastly, Benefit blusher in Thrrrob!

 Plus a free trial size of Benefit High Beam! I'm so happy with this, i can find no evidence that it's a fake, it looks and feels 100% real! 
It gives such a natural flush of colour, you can build it up or you can leave it as a light pink wash of colour.
This was only £4.99 when i bought it which is amazing! Love the packaging too :)
This is from eBay seller r1cky0156.
It's now been put upto £9.99 but that's still great considering this retails at £22 :)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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  1. Love the throbb blush! Perfect for creating a rosy glow! :)

    Rebecca x -

  2. AH! So many wonderful colours. I love the yellow nail polish :) x

  3. it's great! so glad i got it for so cheap :) great blog btw!

  4. @Olivia Rose i know! It's so sunny and upbeat :)

  5. OMG!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the nailpolish!!! Especially the OPI! that color is awesome!

  6. I'm such an Ebay addict too and most of my money goes on the Bargains to be had!

  7. love the throb blush and the high beam is amazing! i love buying stuff on ebay, it's kind of lucky i dont have more money otherwise i'd buy loads! aha xxx

  8. @THE DIVA DOLL i know!! It's such an unusual shade, i've never even seen this OPI shade before!!

    @Hannah i'm really getting into eBay, i didnt use it for about a year and now i'm always browsing on it! It's a black hole for my money though :( haha

    @Emily Throb blush has become my new favourite blush, i'm so looking forward to the Winter, blusher looks so cute in the Winter! Haven't used the high beam yet, not quite sure how to apply it!! haha

  9. Would love to try throb. I used to have the full size highbeam but I lost it :(

  10. It's really lovely :) aww that's pants :( I'm just starting to get used to using highlighter, makes such a difference to my face!!


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