My eBay impulse buys!

I've been on a bit of a spree on eBay today!!
I was looking at Dainty Dollymixes blog and noticed she had new shades of OPI nail varnish, she linked to her favourite eBay seller so i thought it rude not to take a look ;) haha
The seller she buys off is from America (meaning they're a lot cheaper!) and they're called Enchanted Beauty Spot.
I looked through all of the nail varnishes, they have amazing ORLY and OPI nail varnishes but the two that really attracted my attention are these beauties!!

I've looked at swatches online of this and it's so amazing!! I'm hoping it lives upto my expectations.
This was only £3.64.
As you can see i'm obsessed with glitter nail varnish, these colours look so rich and pigmented on the swatches i've seen online!
This one was £4.90.

Then from a different seller (ShoePrincess2008) I bought this OPI nail varnish;
Cabana Banana!!
I can't wait to try this really vibrant yellow, i don't have any colours like this so it's very exciting :)

And i also bought this mascara;

from Georgina3627, and it's the Almay One Coat Dial Up mascara in blackest-black.
My best friend bought this from Poundland and she said it is THE best mascara she's ever used! I went into Poundland to try and find it but it wasn't there so i thought i'd find it on eBay instead :)
It was £2.99.

Once all these products arrive i'll swatch them and review them :) 

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  1. The OPI polishes are so cheap! I LOVE ebay, although I tend to buy loads because I think it's so cheap and end up spending a fortune! xxx

  2. I've never used China Glaze? How isit different, if u know? Even though we are going out of summer, I am realllyyyyyy loving the bright yellows, blues, reds, pinkss.......... <3 haha

    kisses xx

  3. Hi !!! This post is great and I love your blog... I follow you! I hope you'll visit my blog and you'll follow me! Kiss!

    Glamour Marmalade
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  4. @Hannah yeah haha that's the trouble with cheap things, you end up buying enough to make it expensive!! if only we had self control ;) haha

    @Mursal They're a professional salon nail varnish so they last longer and don't have as many nasty chemicals that damage and weaken your nails in :) I love brights all year round, especially in winter actually cos it really perks me up :)

    @Martila Thanks :)

  5. I NEEEEEDDDD Cabana Banana in my life!! I have a huge OPI obsession lately. I am off to buy it right now lol!!


  6. I love a bit of Ebay shopping every now and again :)
    That OPI yellow varnish looks awesome!

  7. Yes it's an amazing colour! i have it on right now and i can't stop looking at my nails haha! Once the other varnishes arrive i'll be putting up a blog post on them :)


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