My Favourite....Films!

Continuing with my ''Favourites'' series, my favourite films! 
I couldn't decide between these two films so i just thought i'd use them both :)

Excuse the massive flash mark on both of these pictures, i'm not the best photographer! haha
What can i say about this film? I've loved it since i was a kid, it's such a magical, amazing film that brings back so many memories.
In case you don't know (which you should, shame on you!) the plot is;
A film about a reclusive, world famous candymaker who hides five golden tickets in candy bars for five lucky children. Young, good natured Charlie wins one of the tickets hidden amongst thousands of Wonka chocolate bars, but little does he and the other four children know what is waiting for them behind the factory gates!
I love all the songs, but the Oompa Loompa's songs have to be the best, and the morals in the songs still hold true today! 
Gene Wilder is incredible as the brilliantly cold and unsympathetic Willy Wonka.
It's the kind of film where the time flies when you're watching it because there is always a scene to look forward to, whether it's the blueberry incident ''Violet, you're turning violet Violet!'' or the sinister boat ride it's fun and frolics (and, at times, fear!) all the way to the end :)
You can currently buy this from HMV for £3.99, i couldn't recommend it higher!

I am convinced it isn't humanly possible to dislike Tom Hanks, especially not in this film.
He's the perfect man! The bit where his friend is telling him about the new dating rules, and he says that women like to pay half for the meal nowadays and Tom Hanks says ''i could never let a woman pay for dinner'' SWOON.
The plot is;
Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) is a good father and a successful architect, but also a lonely widower. One night his precocious 8 year old son, Jonah, calls a late night radio talk show seeking a cure for his fathers despondency. When Sam hesitantly takes the phone and discloses the story of his magic-filled marriage (''I touched her hand it was like coming home, but to no home i've ever known...) he proves to be a deeply feeling and gentle man. His plight profoundly moves the programme's sympathetic female listeners and thousands of women write in offering to help him 'recover' from his mournful insomnia. Recently engaged Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) is one of the many listeners touched by Sam's story. To complicate matters, she's afraid her upcoming marriage promises stability and security but no excitement. Although Annie's supposed to be driving to her future in-law's house for the holidays she knows that she's already fallen for Sam and is on the road to destiny! She treks across the country on a wildly romantic impulse to meet him...
This is the most romantic film i've ever seen and it never fails to enchant me no matter how many times i watch it! 
It's currently £4.99 at HMV.
Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Two really good films. I'm currently sat in bed watching "The Devil Wears Prada", which is one of my favourite films. Lovely blog :) I'm following.


  2. Charlie and the Choclate Factory is one of my fave films ever and I loved the book as a kid too :) I still haven't watched the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp one incase it ruins the original for me lol! x

  3. @Forever Miss Vanity must say, i love Devil Wears Prada too, what i wouldn't give to have her job! but without all the bitchiness and life destroying bosses haha thank you :) i'm following your lovely blog too!

    @Emma DON'T watch the new one, urgh, it disgusted me haha changed it far too much, as much as i love Johnny Depp he really shouldn't have touched such a classic!


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