Just thought i'd do a quick nails of the day post, this is the first post about nails since i had to cut them because one of them split down the middle :( boohoo! So excuse my short, stubby excuses for nails haha.

I found both of these colours at the back of all my nail varnishes and i haven't used them for ages so i thought, as i was going to use my Laurens Way tan and get all bronzed and lovely (review here) i would crack them open and give them a go! The nail varnishes i used are as follows;

W7 nail polish in Orange Dazzle! I love this, so unusual to have a bright orange nail varnish with flecks of light green and gold glitter in! I don't know why i haven't used this before now. I got this as a gift from my mam but i think it was around £2, and you can buy it here at Amazon for £1.99, bargainous!!
And the polish i'm wearing on my thumbnail issssss....

Revlon glitter top-coat in Slipper! I didn't use this as a topcoat though, i just kept building up the colour until it went quite dense. It's lovely red and silver glitter with tiny holographic hexagons in it! I paid £1.39 for it from Boyes but you can buy it off Amazon again for £1.49!
Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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