Review: Oxyfresh Dental Gel.


It's time for another review out of the products i was kindly sent by Dental Shop!
I've decided to review the Oxyfresh Super Relief Formula Dental Gel because i've been using a lot of it lately as i have a really painful ulcer in my mouth.
The ulcer makes my mouth feel really dry and it's very sore when it rubs up against my teeth but this gel seems to create a barrier over the ulcer that protects it and keeps it lubricated.
I've used other things like Bonjela before but they didn't do anything for me, the Oxyfresh Dental Gel really helps the pain subside and tastes a lot better! It has a pleasant minty taste that helps freshen your breath as well as heal your mouth.
I'd definitely recommend this if, like me, ulcers in your mouth are a bit of a constant problem!
It's £7.77 for a 113g tube at Dental Shop and it will last you aaages, you only need a tiny bit to cover the affected area, i've been using it none stop for 2 days and i haven't even made a dent in it!

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Would this work on painful gums caused by teething a wisdom tooth?
    If so I may just get some
    I'm in so much pain :( haha


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