Review: Oxyfresh Fresh Mint Mouthrinse.


Hello there!
I'm very excited because I've been sent some lovely things to review by Dental Shop!
They kindly sent me quite a few things but I'm going to do the reviews one by one so there's more focus on the products and not on me babbling on like a wild woman!
Right, onto the review!
I've been looking for a mouthwash that really works but without the strong, almost fiery, taste for some time but with no luck, until i got sent this! It has a very subtle minty taste and no burn at all so you can keep on rinsing for the full 1 minute required without any trouble at all! But despite it not having a strong, overpowering taste like most high street mouthwashes it still made my teeth, and whole mouth, feel squeaky clean! Oxyfresh is an American brand and is extremely popular over there and now it's available in the UK i definitely think it will be a massive hit! The Oxyfresh Fresh Mint Mouthrinse is only available in the UK at Dental Shop at only £6.65 for a HUGE 473ml bottle, it's as big as my head and is going to last me for aages! But when it runs out i'll definitely be repurchasing :)
Thanks for reading!

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