Review: Yin Yang Orange Flower Tonic.


This is the Orange Flower Tonic that i got sent by Health Without Wealth!
I'm very excited about this because out of all of the products I was sent by them this has to be my clear favourite! 
It's similar to Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray, except this has a fresher, fruitier scent and is cheaper (Clinique retails at £18.50 for 125ml but Yin Yang is only £13.00 for 200ml).
It's so easy to just spritz over your face when your skin needs perking up, i like to apply it liberally after cleansing but when i'm wearing make-up i just use one or two light spritzes to freshen it up and make my skin look healthy and dewy.
Because of all the natural products used in making it it's also suitable for vegetarians and vegans! 
It's also proven to help with anti-ageing because it contains witch hazel which helps support the fine tissue around the eyes.
At only £13 for a huge 200ml bottle it's a great investment! Plus you get 10% off when you subscribe to Health Without Wealth's newsletter!
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. ooo what a good review, i've never used a face spray before but I love the idea and I may have to look into it! xxx

  2. You really should, it does wonders for your face, such a quick fix and even though its a big bottle you could always pour a little bit into one of those mini spray bottles you can buy in a pack from Primark, the travel ones, and carry it around with you for quick fixes on the go :) I recommend it highly :)
    Loving your blog btw :)


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