Sainsbury's haul!

Yes, i know, Sainsbury's isn't the most exciting place to have haulage from but the stuff i bought is definitely worth a look!
First up!

Lots of lovely celeb magazines!! I buy these mostly for the fashion and beauty but i must admit, i do also like reading about Cheryl's bizarre diet and Mark and Laurens SHOCK SPLIT! haha. Prices range from 89p to £1.65.

If anyone saw my blog post ''An unexpected beauty obsession!'' then you'll know i LOVE these deodorants!!  Once i saw this scent with vanilla in, which is my favourite smell in the whole wide worlddd, i had to add it to my collection! I got this in a bigger size, almost double the size of the £1 ones, and this one was only £1.27! Bargainous!

Pearl Drops Now...Smile! toothpaste, I love this! The taste is gorgeous, I love trying new toothpastes and I've got a few different ones on the go at the moment but this is the only gel one and it's really unusual! You only need a little bit because it's very foamy but it leaves your teeth feeling squeaky clean :) This was half price at £1.64.

This is exactly what it says on the front, Summer in a bottle! The design is so cute with the daisies on the front and makes me long for the summer we never had! The pineapple smell is so fresh, i can't get enough of it when I'm in the bath! This Original Source shower gel was only 90p!

I've wanted to try this Neutrogena Visibly Clear Grapefruit facial wash for aaaages now, and when i saw it half price at only £2.30 i had to snap it up! It smells so zingy and it wakes you up straight away! I would recommend using this on the morning just to wake up your skin and your brain haha and on a completely shallow note, it's a lovely shade of pink! :) I've used it a couple of times and it leaves my skin feeling really nice and soft, i wouldn't use it for deep cleans though, just everyday washes in the morning to freshen your skin.

Now i'm very excited about this one! I saw this Frizz-Ease Critical Care Masque on Raych3kinz's haul (zip straight to 1.17 in for the product rave! literally, a rave) and i was so smitten with her description of it i knew i had to buy it! I'm forever looking for products to make my hair softer/stronger/silkier and so far, very few products actually deliver what they say they're going to deliver! but by the sounds of Rachel's video, this one definitely has! So i'm very excited to use it, and when i have used it a few times i'll do a product review if you'd like :) This was originally meant to be £5.50 but i got it on 2 for £7.50 on all John Frieda hair products, which i think is a great price.

This was the other product i got in that deal, the Frizz-Ease 3 Day Straight, and considering this is usually £6.99 all on it's own i think i made a massive saving! so i'm very pleased with that. Anyway, you've all heard about this product and i've been curious about it for a while but never really been able to justify buying it because although my hair is wavy and would benefit from this i couldn't leave my hair 3 days without washing it, it's far too fine and goes greasy after one day! But i thought at this price it's worth a shot. It was a toss up between this and the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Overnight Serum but i plumped for this because i already have one nourishing treatment to use on my hair, don't want to overdo it! But i might pop back to Sainsbury's and buy the overnight serum sometime, before the offer ends seen as it's already £7 on it's own! As with the Critical Care Masque, i will do a product review on this if it does anything amazing on my hair, if not I won't because the web is already saturated with blog posts and Youtube video's about this product, it's not worth me adding another one to it unless it's a very gushing or very damning one! haha.

And finally, my most exciting purchase....

Sainsbury's basics tortilla chips!! If you follow me on Twitter (@Angelamb09) then you'll have heard me gushing about these on there too, they're divine and i'm obsessed with them! You get so many in a bag for 50p too, you can't go wrong...other than the damage they do to my waistline obviously!
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Wow all this! :) such a nice post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay for supermarket hauls, I love going to Asda and not buying much food but loads of other stuff. Tell me how you get on with the Frizz Ease products! x

  3. Haha I lived off Sainsbury's basics tortilla chips when I was at Uni that and their basics salsa dip!

    I really want to try the Frizz-Ease Critical Care Masque now my hair is naturally fine and curly so sometimes it's like a fuss ball :(

  4. @DaphYin you're welcome :) glad you enjoyed it!!

    @Hannah haha yes, i could definitely starve with the amount of beauty stuff i buy!! so temptinggg though!

    @XxDollyBlossom They're AMAZING, i'm totally obsessed haha love savoury things so much more than sweet :) I used this masque and OMG it's incredible, my hair was like silk, definitely try it :)


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