Superdrug and Boots haul!

I feel like i haven't done a haul in a while even though i know i have haha
My shopping addiction will never be sated, it's official!
It's not too much, but some really cool stuff nonetheless :)
Firstly, Boots!

I got this No7 nail varnish with one of the (amazing) £5 No7 vouchers, so this only cost me £2! 
The colour is called Minty Fresh and it's so vibrant and long lasting, i love it!
This is about 3 coats with a basecoat that you can see on my nails above.

Now this gorgeous black glittery crackle nail polish! 
It's from 17 and it's most effective when used on top of lighter colours but i used it on top of a dark purple and it still looked lovely, but a lot more subtle.
It's a lot more glittery than the camera is picking up on the above photo, literally packed full of glitter :)
Only £3.99!

Boots 17 Shine On lipstick in Sweet Sizzle!
I got this for free because i printed out one of those vouchers you can get from the Advantage Card machines instore, you can get some great deals from themaand this one was especially brilliant :)
It usually retails at £2.29.
Now Superdrug!

This has to be my favourite buy of this whole haul! I've never owned a Sleek lipstick before but they had loads and loads of shades that i was dying to try! I opted for this one because not only is it a gorgeous zing of colour but it's matte! And i don't really have any matte lipsticks other than my ELF Matte lip colours.
It's in the colour Amped and i love everything about it! It doesn't dry my lips, the packaging is sleek (duh) and simple and the price is brilliant! Only 3.99.
Aaaaand finally!

V05 Hot Oils! These are incredible, i just pop them in my bath for a few minutes while i relax and then smooth the oil all over my hair, making sure i coat the underside too, then wait for a minute and rinse it off! After that you just shampoo and condition as normal, i love it, it makes your hair feel like silk, and at only £2.99 for 4 tubes it's great value seen as you only have to use one a week.
I'd definitely recommend these if, like me, you're hair is a bit parched from too much dyeing and heat styling :)

I also bought these little cuties from Wilkinsons,

Check them out! (FYI: The yellow one is Henry and the green one is Wilf...)
They were about £1 and i bought them because i need a new toothbrush to keep at my boyfriends house, i've used the same one for ages now which is a bit gross so i thought it was time for a change! I have quite sensitive gums so these ones will be extra gentle on them plus, why should it only be kids who have fun toothbrushes?!

Done any hauls lately? Leave a link in my comments, they're my fave posts to read :)
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Those tooth brushes!!! Gosh, every body needs those in their life!! Hauls are my favorite too :D. Since, I never trust a product 100%. I always go to blogs to see what they are excited about.


  2. I love the no7 nail polish colour! I actually have a Boots £5 voucher off no7 so maybe I'll snap up one of their polishes, it looks lovely so vibrant too! x

  3. Bit random, but you have great eyebrows! Lol.


  4. @I AM NOT FASHION i know right!! Amazing toothbrushes, make brushing my teeth a happy occasion! :) Yeah i love hauls for the same reason, i need someones backup before i take the plunge and buy something!

    @Angela Firstly, great name ;) haha although i don't know about you but i prefer to be called Angie! You definitely should, they do such lovely colours! Lots of choice, you'll definitely find one to suit you :)

    @Lizzie haha thank you! Some might say they're a bit OTT but i love how dramatic black eyebrows make my makeup look :)

  5. I love the colour of the Sleek lipstick! I've never tried any Sleek before but I think I'm going to have a little swatching session when I'm next in Superdrug!

  6. I love the sleek lippie, I bought my 1st one on tuesday in Barely There and I love it! x

  7. LOL at the toothbrushes!! your eyebrows are rellyyy thick!! i'm sooo jealous!!!! the sleeek lipstick is prettty <3


  8. @sophie isobel - you deffo should!! I've never used one before and I'm very impressed! I'm going to get a normal, non-matte one next time :)

    @emma - is that a matte or a normal one? Sounds like a lovely nude to me! Haha

    @mursal - hahaha its all eyebrow pencil, trust me!!

  9. I love the No7 varnish and Boots 17 Lipstick, what lovely colours :)
    Haha What cute toothbrushes
    I've got an elf haul coming up soon I was going to post it last night but got distracted :( so it will be tomorrow now

  10. I've spied your ELF haul already, it's open in my tabs waiting to be read ;) haha

  11. Love the colour of that lipstick on you! I have a similar colour- Brighton Rock from Topshop. Love bright pink shades. They're so fun! :)

  12. @Daisy, thanks so much! I've never tried a piece of Topshop makeup before! I'm definitely going to have to invest in some :)

  13. I loveee that No7 nail colour! I am obsessed with nail polish so may have to invest in this, got a slight spending addiction too haha! Also loving the pink matte lipstick, lovely! Followed :)

  14. It's such a nice fresh colour isn't it! Looks great under crackle, with a matte top coat, with a glitter top coat! haha versatileee ;) i've followed you too :) your blogs brilliant!


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