Barry M Green Glitter nail varnish!

Just wanted to do a quick post on ANOTHER nail varnish i bought lately haha i love Barry M glitters, i have the red and the blue ones but couldn't find the green one anywhere, so i turned to trusty eBay! 
I bought this for £2.95 plus £1.45 delivery which is pretty good! I got it from seller smallbaldman and they have lots of great makeup on there :) Here's the link to this nail varnish.
Now for the pictures, please excuse the fact that these are pictures of my horrible toes haha i already had nail varnish on my nails but really wanted to try it out so i put it on my toes instead, try not to vomit, i have my dads feet ;) haha.

 Such a gorgeous Christmassy colour! So glad i bought it finally :) Now i'm off to watch Young Apprentice, they look like quite an irritating bunch on kids already! haha.
Thanks for reading, and i hope the pictures of toes didn't make you bork too much, maybe it's just me who despises feet :| haha! Doubt it....

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  1. That's a gorgeous colour!!

  2. Nice :)
    I bought a red glitter one like this recently getting things together for a Christmas giveaway I'm planning
    Great Christmas colour, Looks lovely Xx

  3. oh my gosh! so christmasy, i love it!

  4. Love this colour, looks like christmas!!! :)

    LoveFaye xoxo

  5. so pretty and perfect for Chrsitmas!

  6. Very pretty color! I really need a new sparkly polish. :)

    xx Jessica

  7. Lovely colour :) Did you enjoy young apprentice? I find myself moaning aloud at the TV!x

  8. @Alex It is! I'm excited to wear it to Christmas parties :D

    @Claire Louise oooh exciting! Yes i love the red glitter one :)

    @floral beauty blog i know rightt!!

    @LoveFayexoxo I <3 it!!

    @Zoe i know, i think it's top of my to-wear-on-christmas-day list!! haha

    @bang and buck thank you!!

    @Jessica pity they're such a pain to take off but a small price to pay, i have two more on order, OOPS! haha

    @Monday Receptionist thank you :) I kind of enjoyed it, tweeted a lot about it!! haha i enjoy that too, it's the best thing about the show, where do they find such idiotic people?! haha


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