Carmine Box Review!

I'm sure most of you have heard of Glossy Box in the UK, it's our equivalent to Birch Box in the USA which basically is a monthly box full of beauty goodies sent to your door!
I've never built up the guts to splurge the money on Glossy Box, i know it's not a lot but it's taking the chance on the contents of the box, what if i hate it all for instance? i know i wouldn't haha but it's always thoughts like that that have stopped me from purchasing it.
I've seen a few reviews for the Carmine Box so i knew what i was going to get, and i was impressed with the look of it! 
So when i stumbled across a code on Cami's blog, Cami Loves Kiwi, that entitled me to 50% off my first box i jumped at the chance! The code was from a while ago so i thought it would have expired but when i clicked on it it said that the code was supposed to have expired but seen as i'd found it they'd still give me the 50% off! So i think it's worth clicking on the above link to go to Cami's site and clicking on the link yourself, you never know, it might work for you too! :D
Anyway, onto the review! Firstly the aesthetics of the box;
 I was a but dubious when i first saw the bright orange box it came in!! haha, but when i opened that i was relieved to see a very classy black box with a small, pretty logo.
The green in the inside of the box is a gaudy but i actually really like the colour! i'm glad it's on the inside though and not the outside, i wouldn't want to have to wear shades to open my Carmine box!
The black tissue paper and the red bow are very chic also, and luxurious looking! Plus i'm in love with the colour of the paper/packaging stuff that the contents sits in, so plush and expensive looking haha.
Now onto the contents!
This is a full size, one of 3 in this box which is great! I've used this for the past 2 days since i received the box and it makes my nails look such good condition! Really clean and healthy looking. Obviously can't vouch for what it does for the condition because i haven't used it long enough yet, but it recommends you paint on a coat of this everyday for 2 weeks (making sure you remove the previous coat with nail varnish remover before you apply a new one) and then after that once a week to keep up the condition.
This is $20.95 on the Trind website which is about £13, so already i've doubled what i paid for the box! Hurrah!!

This packaging is SO cute!! I love the way it says ''So many men, so little time....'' around the blush, it's the little details that make something like this and Benefit's products stand out from the crowd.
It says you can also use this as a shadow but personally i don't think i would, maybe in the crease of my lid for a little pop of colour, but as a blush, YES PLEASE.
I love it! It's completely matte, and is a great colour for all skin types! It's really pigmented so you'll need a light hand if you're using it on pale skin, which means it'll last you forever! Plus the little mirror in the lid is really handy, i love it when compacts have mirrors, also shows a good attention to detail, because who doesn't need a mirror when they're applying makeup?! Unless you have some serious skillage of course!
This is also another full size, impressive!
On the The Balm (click on the link and read how cute the description for this blush is!<3) website this is $21 which is again, around £13, i've made my money back 4 times over ALREADY!

This is ANOTHER full size product! I'm glad i got this in Peach and not in Ice because that looks a basically white colour! I could see myself wearing this, although maybe mixed with some water to make it a bit more pigmented and stickable! haha.
It's like a Barry M Dazzle Dust in consistency, but feels a lot more expensive! Although i'd say put this on before any of your foundation because the amount of glitter that will fall on your cheeks you'll have to wipe it all off and start again haha.
This retails at around £10.25.

This is probably going to be an acquired taste because of the very strong aromatherapy smell but i personally love it! I like that i can smell it on my hands for quite a while afterwards.
It feels nourishing and it sinks in very quickly, i love a good hand cream!
This is a 30ml sample size, which is still a decent size, but the full size is 100ml for £14.50 on the Balance Me website.
And lastlyyyy...
This cream smells like grass! haha it smells very natural and ''leafy''! I don't necessarily mind that, it's just not something i'm used to.
This has a really nice, light consistency and blends in well, it made my skin look healthy the past 2 times i've used it, apart from the slightly odd smell i can't fault it! haha.
This is a 10ml sample but for 40ml on the Caudalie website it's £20.

I also got some information and codes for the products in the box, i won't be using any of them so feel free to nab the codes off me! :)
 Hope you can make all those numbers out :) All in all i would recommend the Carmine Box, especially if you get a 50% off code! Also you can cancel your subscription anytime when you get it monthly so there's no pressure included!
Will you be picking up the Carmine Box or are you sold on another monthly beauty box? Let me know in the comments below :)
Thanks for reading!

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  1. The blush looks so nice. Love the packaging on the balm products! :)

  2. Ohhh that blush looks gorgeous! xxx

  3. The blush looks really nice. Im really unsure about Carmine, i just think the other beauty boxes seem better, have to wait and see for next months box though!

  4. Thank you for doing my MAC survey hun :)

    I love your blog! I'm jumping on the blush band waggon here. It's gorgeous!

    Great post! ♥

  5. oooo this box looks fab! I keep seeing so much about Glossy Box but can't decide if I think it's value for money or not,this one looks pretty good though especially as several of the products were full size!
    I like the look of the nail conditioner the best, my nails are in such a state from constantly having them painted!
    <3 Holz oxo

  6. @Chantelle it really is gorgeous packaging, but also a great great blush!

    @vicki it is!

    @Zoe i really like it but then again i haven't tried any other ones!

    @Jade aww you're welcome, hope it helps! :) Loving all the blush love!!

    @HollyCarole Yeah i was really pleased with it :) i'll keep you all posted on how the nail conditioner works out :)

  7. Love the look of that box the products look amazing Xx

  8. Try the code, you never know it might still work :)


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