A day at the beach...on the 1st of October?!

Hurray! Hurray! It's a holi-holiday!! Actually...It's Redcar...but still!
Bizarre old weather ey?! 
It's safe to say i've never been to the beach on the 1st of October before! Usually i'm all wrapped up in a woolly jumper braving a rainstorm by then!
Me and my boyfriend drove up and walked along the swelteringgg seafront eating sausage and chips and watching birds bathing in puddles! haha
We also had a sand fight, lets just say he started it, but i finished it ;) 
Anyway, here's a few pics for anyone who's interested :)
 And a bonus picture of me and my pussycat :) haha it was just too cute to ignore!
If you'd like to know anything about my outfit or makeup then just leave me a comment below :)
Hope you all had as lovely a day as me :D

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  1. that food looks to die for!! haha made me super hungry!! great pics!!
    I'm now following your awesome blog!!

    check out mine sometime -


    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Awwwwh! I have a black and white cat too, she's my baby, she lives at home and while am living at uni I miss her soooo much!

  3. BOOOO AT YOU! haha I'm so jealous! The weather up here has been so gorgeous and I've been slaving away at work! Who from the North East doesn't love Redcar really? And they do amazing Lemon Top ice creams haha! Also tell me where you're lipsticks from?! The colour is gorgeous! Hope you're well!

    Katrina xxx


  4. Super duper jel! I was in work all weekend...groan!
    <3 your shoes! I have some very similar Toms and I luuurve them!
    horray for indian summer/a/w/very confused!


  5. Looks like a fun day!


  6. @LoveFayexoxo Your blog is great! i'm following :) It was yummyyy, nothing better than chips by the seaside! :)

    @BeautyBecca black and white cats are the besttt! aww i'd miss mine loads if i was away from her for a long time :(

    @_VivaKatrina haha awww sucks for you ;) i've had a lot of people saying they were at work yesterday, it should be a crime to work on saturdays! haha

    @AspirationsOfGlam i know! It's queer old weather :S back to normal today though where i live haha my shoes are from New Look! only about £6.99 but think i got them 2 for £10 in the summer, got some in floral too :)

    @t it really was :)


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