Ding Dong! Avon calling!

I got a few things from Avon a little while ago and now i've had time to review them i thought i'd do a little haul/reviewy type thing :)
I've never ordered from Avon catalogue before, it's easier than i thought! 
I love that they have scratch and sniff pages too so you can smell the perfumes before you buy them :D
The first thing i ordered was;
This was SO hard to take pictures of :@ I got so annoyed haha so i just had to settle for this picture which doesn't really tell you much! 
It's basically a pencil eyeliner but instead of normal pencil consistency it's a gel eyeliner! I'm not precise enough to use pencils on my top lip but on my waterline this is GREAT, i love it! It's a very true black and lasts for ages! The only thing is it's a bit hard to sharpen because the gel is so soft but i've heard that if you put your gel pencil in the fridge overnight, the next morning they're super easy to sharpen because they're harder! :) I bought this for £3 because it was half price in the catalogue.

I haven't had the chance to use this mascara much really, but i can tell you it isn't as good as my MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara! The brush is really strange!! Spikier than normal brushes and it does seem to seperate lashes very well, even small fiddly ones in the corners, but the volume wasn't there for me! The packaging is a really pretty colour and it's a nice sturdy mascara, but it just didn't rock my world! haha.
I bought this for a fiver because it was again, half price!

This is a mattifying foundation, I can't find a link to this on the Avon website so maybe it's catalogue only! 
I got this in a mini form because they do samples for 99p so you can test out their foundations, which is a great idea! Unfortunately, this foundation didn't impress :( Thank god i didn't buy a full size because it's not my thing at all! It's very sheer and you have to build up a few coats before it's even medium coverage! It's a bit watery too, and it didn't mattify my skin :(

This is really good! My nails weren't peeling but they are quite brittle so i thought i'd give this a go, i use it as a base coat to protect my nails from nail varnish and the damage it can cause and it's great! My nails are completely unstained by nail polish and look and feel stronger :) This was half price in the catalogue too, only £2.50.

This stuff is SO good! It comes in a little glass bottle with a applicator that almost looks like a lipgloss wand! And you just apply it all around your nail and cuticle and rub it in a little bit and within seconds it's sunk in and is working it's magic! :) It's really made my nails stronger and longer in just a couple of weeks, i'm excited to see how much more good it'll do!
This was half price too, £2.50.

Hmmm, luckily, again, i only got the 99p sample of this because it didn't float my boat! It had a nice light mousse consistency when i first squeezed it out but when i applied it it had such light coverage i'd have to apply layers and layers of the stuff to get anywhere near the coverage i want! 
It might be good if you want a more natural, barely there look, but it's not for me.

This is, in the words of Willy Wonka, scrumdiddlyumptious!! 
I LOVE vanilla scents so this is right up my street! 
It's thick and creamy and this lovely light beigey-shimmery colour! I cant recommend this enough, mine was 99p from the catalogue but it's £3 on the website :( but if you have the latest catalogue knocking around then maybe have a little look in there :)

Hope you enjoyed :)

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  1. Love the supershock gel eyeliner, its soo black and lasts for ever, really need to find an avon rep in my area as I hate paying £3.95 odd for p&p! xx

  2. I've heard really great things about that eyeliner! :)

  3. Great post! I have to say I've never been impressed with Avon when it comes to make up! The foundations are horrible and although I got a mascara which was amazing, it never everrrr came off no matter how much eye make up remover I used, glad it only cost me £1.50 cos I would never have paid the full price of £8 haha! However their nail varnish and smelly bits (body lotions, shower gels etc) are luuush!

    Katrina xxx


  4. Great post! I've never tried any of Avon's products, not that I can remember anyway. The eyeliner looks nice. :)

    xx Jessica

  5. I've awarded you with the Versatile Blogging Award! Thanks for being wonderful!

    Check it out here

  6. I really want to try the Supershock mascara and that body butter looks amazing!

  7. I've never tried annny Avon products!!
    I want all of these now haha!!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  8. Hi hun,

    I used to be an Avon rep a while ago, and have to say some of their makeup products are hit'n'miss. Their nail products though are AMAZING, I use the lemon fortifer strengthener and it works so well, I also use their cuticle balm that comes in a little tin I use it for any damaged skin around my nails and it fixes them like magic!




  9. @Hannah me too, hateee P+P! i could buy a whole other item for the cost of the P+P :(

    @Chantelle Thomas It is really good! If only i was better at applying eyeliner :(

    @vivakatrina yeah i'm pretty impressed with the nail products and the body whip is lushhhh!! but the makeup has left me a bit cold!

    @Jessica i'd recommend the eyeliner deffo but as for the other stuff, i'd tread with caution haha!

    @Elise Aww thank you so much :D

    @GABY the body whip stuff is sooo good :) Love it!

    @LoveFayexoxo haha you should have a look on the website, they have some good stuff :)

    @emth23 yeah definitely noticed that! But can't fault the nail stuff and the body lotions and things :D Can't wait to try the shampoos and hair stuff :)

  10. Ohhh nice little haul of Avon :)
    I used to use one of their eyeliners a few years back which I loved by never really got one with their foundations :) Their nail products last for ages Xx

  11. Grow potion is so good! I love the nail products but the foundations left me cold :(

  12. I used to love Avon products, but seem to have become allergic to all of them lately! Missing out on lots of decent quality, well priced cosmetics! Extra sad! x

  13. Awww that's a massive bummer :( I don't think you're missing out on loads makeup wise, i don't know about the lipsticks though, haven't tried them yet! It's just the body and nail stuff i love :)


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