Graze box, my verdict!

I don't know if many of you will have heard about the Graze box, I first heard about it a while ago on someones blog but didn't know if i wanted to risk trying it just to be disappointed, so when i saw Hannah at the blog little_wood had a code for a free box i jumped at the chance! 
You get offered a code to give to your friends when you join so they can also get a free box so here's mine!, fill your boots! You might as well give it a try, it's free food basically! and you can cancel it at any time so if you're not impressed with the box you don't have to pay for any further boxes.
You can also rate all the foods on the website so they don't send you stuff you don't like, for instance i binned all of the food with olives in them because i hate them! I think that's a great idea because it would ruin the whole experience for me if i received a box full of stuff i hated.
Anyway, I received my box free box today and i'm really happy with it! 
Here's some pictures;
 I really like how cute this box is! It looks really natural and earthy, and the way they've phrased the leaflet is so personal and cute :) I also like how they include nutritional information in the box too, so you know what you're eating.
This is what i received in the box;
 I'm so excited to eat them!! I've so far only eaten the cherry tomato, basil & pesto focaccia and it was lovely! The tomato's were SO tasty.
Most looking forward to the cinnamon flapjacks, i'm a fiend for cinnamon anything!! haha.
The cashews and veggie mix will be perfect for me to pick at while i'm at work to stop me from getting hungry.
All in all i'm really happy with this box, it's normally £3.49 per box but as i say you can get a free box with my code ( and also the second box half price! 
The box has such attention to detail, i really appreciate that in a company, just look at what i found when i took out the packets of food...
So cute! They didn't need to put that there but the fact that they did says a lot about their dedication as a company i think :)
Will you be treating yourself to a box from Graze?
Let me know in the comments! :)

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  1. This looks very interesting - I've b=got to say I've never heard of a food box - only the beauty version! Might try this out! :) x

  2. I use to get Graze boxes but im such a picky eater that there wasnt many things that i liked, they seem to have added a lot of things now though! Might have to start getting them again.
    Theyve always got great offers for half price boxes etc as well!

  3. This sounds amazing, I wonder if the US has anything like this...

    xx Jessica

  4. I used to get Graze boxes when I was uni, they were a nice healthy alterntive to a bacon roll lol! x

  5. @Charchiccc it is pretty good, i've found myself snacking less!

    @Zoe yeah might as well try it if it's free, that's what i thought!

    @Jessica i don't know but be worth checking :)

    @Emma hahaha i still prefer a bacon roll though ;)

  6. All looks so yummy Xx

  7. Yum yum it is! Especially the flapjacks :)

  8. I love graze boxes! My Dad gets them and I like to steal things from him, I may have to invest in my own!

  9. @Daniella it wasss :) All gone now ;) nom nom!!

    @Meg seen as it's free you might as well :) Free food is always tastier haha

  10. This looks amazing Im going to have to look into getting some!!


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