Just a little bit LUSH.

I went to the wonderland of delicious smells that is Lush at the weekend! 
Sooo much stuff i wanted to snatch up but i staved off my cravings with just the one humongous bath ballistic! 
The lovely Golden Wonder
I got the idea to do a post like this from the beautiful Charli from Secrets Behind The Closet Door, which is a great blog so check it out!
I thought i'd do one because i loved reading it and thought my delightful followers would like to see one too :) I'm definitely going to do more of these whenever i get bath ballistics because i think it's a great way of finding out new Lush products to buy :)
It's seriously massive and comes in the shape of a lovely Christmas present;
Had lots of gold glittery dust down the sides of it, so beware when you're setting it down on your bed (like i did) because it leaves behind a bit of a mess!! haha.
It smells quite orangey, definitely reminds me of Bucks Fizz at Christmas time like it says on the label!! For anyone that doesn't know, Bucks Fizz is basically Champagne with orange juice in it, just a bit delish! 
This is what it looked like after i'd placed it in my bath, look at all the pretty colourssss <3

 I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbowww <3
And as if all that wasn't good enough, then THIS happened;

Look at the stars, look how they shine for yooooou!
I'm in a very musical mood this evening! haha, but how beautiful do these look?! Plus they dissolve in your bath so you don't have the pick them all out the bath after :)
And it's also leaves very subtle glitter in your body when you get out the bath, you can see it in this picture;

 Beautiful gold flecks that leave your skin so subtly iridescent it looks glowing! 
Plus it leaves your bath a gorgeous deep jade colour after it's finished all it's fizzing and star-releasing, amazing haha, it definitely brightened up my bathtime! 
All this for only £3.25, bargainous!
Have you got any products from Lush recently? Do you have anything to recommend? Please feel free to leave me a comment, i love trying new things :)
Thanks lotsss!

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  1. I love Lush, you should try the shampoo bars if you haven't, I've converted to them aha. That bath looks too pretty to pull the plug out xx

  2. Ahh wow so pretty! At first when I saw this I thought it might be like the gold bubblebar that I adore but looks like that doesn't have a patch on this!
    I had a christmas temp job there last year so I've been stocked up full of snow fairy since then so using those again now mmm :). Really want to try the skin tints as I've heard some really possitive things about them!.


  3. I actually ooh'ed and aaah'ed scrolling through your pictures!

    I had a sniff in lush the other day at the new stuff and wasn't won over :( but that looks fab! Maybe i'll give it another sniff ^_^


  4. I love the colours this one makes, and those stars! its such a good price too.


  5. I've never tried any Lush products but I keep hearing more and more about them and I really want to! These colors are so pretty, and the whole experience looks wonderful. Hehe :)

    xx Jessica

  6. What a wonderful post!! I am off to Lush on Monday as I have some empties to trade in, I am obsessed with their fresh face masks. I am definitly going to buy on of these so gorgeous!!




  7. Awww so gorgeous! love the little stars!

  8. Proper loving this! Anything with glitter I need in my life haha! I haven't bought anything from Lush in absolutely ages but I do love their shampoo bars!

    Katrina xxx


  9. you've made me want a bubble bath right now aha- now following your blog xx


  10. love the colors dear and love your blog,im folower <3

  11. Oh wow, this looks absolutely amazing, I may have to pop into lush!



  12. amazing blog!!beautiful pics!! i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  13. I love this post and also your blog!
    I follow u!
    pass to mine and follow me too :D

  14. I love lush! I use the massage bars.
    I use it when I'm out of the shower (before drying) to create an oily layer and then dab dry. It makes your skin soft/smooth for the rest of the day

  15. I got one of their magic wands and love it it smelt amazing.
    I love the photos of the water :) Xx

  16. ooo these look so yummy! I need to go to lush and indulge in a lovely bath! xxx


  17. This reminds me, I haven't been to Lush in so long! Must go there soon, such nice products xx

  18. @ForeverMissVanity i know!! I kept thinking it was finished and suddenly a new colour burst out!!

    @KissandMakeup00 i know, i was laid in it for ages enjoying the jade green water :) I've never tried a shampoo bar, always just assumed they wouldn't be very good but maybe i should pick some up!!

    X-makeupmeow-X I have the skin tint! It's really good! Good on it's own for more full coverage or mixed with moisturiser for a tinted look :) Snow fairy is immense!! I love it :D

    choux pastry hearts- yesss definitely have another look! Here's a tip the man in the shop gave me, shake them next to your ear and if you can hear something rattling inside then those are the ones with lots of colours and sparkles inside them! haha he said it was like rattling a present on xmas morning, trying to find out what it is!!

    @zoe definitely worth the price! the stars are such a lovely finishing touch!

    @Jessica ohh it was! haha having a bath can sometimes be a bit mundane but this livened up the whole experience!

    @emth23 ooooh let me know how you get on with it, maybe do the same kind of post?! :D

    @GABY so cuuuute isn't it :)

    @vivakatrina i love popping in there but rarely buy anything but bath ballistics haha some things are far too expensive!! But Snow Fairy shower gel is amazing too!

    @Yasmin haha that's the power of lush!!

    @Ilda aww thank you :) Yours is great!!

    @Sarah you should, the Christmas drop is so cute, especially this one and the little Christmas pudding bath bombs!! haha

    @Sabrina thank you :) So is yours!!

    @Francesca thank you so so much :D

    @chelsea jade ohhh i've never thought of doing that!! Going to have to try it :)

    @claire louise i was eyeing those magic wands up!! haha loved the look of them, but i wanted to eat them more than put them in my water!!

    @Meg you soooo should!! Let me know if you buy anything, love seeing what other people buy from there :)

    @Mannequins Dream it's like a rainbow isn't it!

    @Blaming Beauty I recommend this bath bomb and Snow Fairy shower gel, cheap and SO gorgeous!

  19. I will do hun, I doubt my pics will look as goos as yours!!! I am going to treat my friend to one too they are amazing!!





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