Mini Superdrug haul.

I know, i've been at it again :( shopping is my drug, it's official!
I've got another haul to do after this too, i should just name this blog The Haul Belle really! haha

Firstly this Insta-Dri top coat from Sally Hansen! 
I HATE it when my nail varnish smudges, i am a big nail varnish lover as you may know and nothing bothers me like doing my nails perfectly, leaving them to dry for hours and then going to bed and waking up with a smudge or marks all over them! Such a waste of time, so when i saw this i thought i'd give it a try but i wasn't expecting much from it if i'm honest.
How wrong i was! You apply your nail varnish as normal then wait 2 minutes before applying a thin layer of this Insta-Dri, then after 30 seconds, bingo!, it's dry! And when i say dry, i mean rock solid dry, i haven't had a problem with chipping or smudging since i started using this :)
Also it gives your nails such an unbelievable shine! 
This was £4.99 and i'm definitely going to keep using it!

I've heard a lot about these Cream Puff lip creams so i thought i'd give them a go! 
This one is really lovely, it's in the shade Fairy Cake and the texture is really strange! Creamy (obviously) and matte, it makes your lips feel really smooth! I had to keep reapplying it though because it went pretty cracked after being left for a while. These are £2.99 but i'd only recommend them if you have lips that in pretty good condition, mine are quite cracked and i have a bad habit of biting them so this probably didn't last as long because of that.

Now if you read my blog regularly you'll know that i'm obsessed with the Superdrug Vitamin E skincare range, and this product is no different! It's an Intense Moisture Cream, and i just thought it would be the same as the night cream from this range, but how wrong i was! This is SO thick, more like a mask than a cream, i put it on at night and my skin in the morning is so smooth! It's only £1.99 so go and treat your skin :)

Lastly i finally bought the white Barry M crackle! I'm so happy with it, it looks really cute over Models Own polish in Baby Blues above :)
This was £3.99.
Thanks a lot!
And sorry for so much haulage haha i just can't help myself!!

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  1. nails look amazing!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Great post once again! I just bought the same Superdrug Vitamin E moisturiser whilst I had a cheeky shop in durham today!

    Katrina xxx

  3. @LoveFayexoxo Thanks! I really loved the look although my boyfriend wasn't a fan haha!

    @vivakatrina are you liking it? i'm obsessed with the smell of them!! haha

  4. I really want to try the top coat now!

    Sarah xx

  5. I have this Sally Hansen top coat and it works great, althought it's surely not the best I've tried x

  6. I got this exact same shade of creampuff lipcream in my swap! and i agree the texture is really interesting!


  7. @Sarah You should, for the price you can't really go wrong :)

    @GABY this is the first one of it's kind i've tried, so to me it's a miracle!! haha

    @Jacq it is isn't it! Hard to explain the texture but it is odd haha

  8. that top coat varnish looks really good - I'm going to check it out! Thanks for the tip

  9. I still haven't tried the crackle effect! will deffo have to jump on the band wagon sometime soon!

    Em xxx

  10. Definitely! It's such an easy way to do nail art-ish stuff :)


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