My Favourite....Rings!

Thought i'd do a quick My Favourite.... post to fill some time before Big Brother starts (don't judge me, it's just so addictive!!) 
This time it's my favourite rings! Now, i have many manyyy rings to choose from, i'm a bit of a ringaholic it has to be said!
But for definite the title of my favourite ring has to go to this beauty;
Check it! It's two rings but they come as a set, so you can either wear them together or just on their own, i love that theirs a more simple, clear one and then this beauuutiful coral pink one :)
And the blue box can mean only one thing....
ooooooh yeah! It's Swarovski! I've always lusted after the jewellery in the Swarovski shops but it's always been out of my price range sadly, so when my boyfriend presented me with this at Christmas i was over the moon! I've got a couple of bits from Swarovski off him now and it's become a kind of tradition that he buys me some every Christmas (luckily for me! She shoots, she scoresssss!) I've no idea how much it was but probably around the £80-£100 mark i'm guessing, usually what sets of rings cost from there.
Now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to find out how Jay and Anton are getting on in their crypt, only Big Brother fans will know what i'm on about there ;)
Thanks for reading :D

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  1. haha, a fellow big brother fan!
    Love that ring set, so gorgeous!

  2. These two rings are gorgeous! :)

    xx Jessica

  3. love these rings, they are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Love the rings!
    Your addicted to BB you need help :P haha Xx

  5. @Zoe haha we're a very rare breed i think!!! Thank youu :)

    @Jessica Thankss :) so easy to wear as well! go with anything :)

    @Vivian I'm glad you like them :D

    @Claire Louise haha i should want help, but big brother is just too good to want to stop being addicted to it!! Thank youu :)


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