My hair after Colour B4!

I'm guessing everyone's heard about Colour B4, the hair colour remover from Scott Cornwall, a renowned hairdresser, if not, where have you beeeen?!.
It basically is meant to take your hair back to it's original colour without peroxide or bleach.
I was really nervous to try it because my hair is in bad condition as it is! but i thought i'd bite the bullet because i was looong since sick of having black hair that went red at the end when it faded. 
I had quite a long stint with red hair, as in this picture;
VERY red as you can see!! and red is just impossible to shift, no matter how much you dye over it :( I'm actually starting to miss the red hair now haha.
Then i dyed it black;
Which again, i love! but i get bored so easily haha.
The instructions for this are far too long and dull for me to go into haha but they involve a lot of rinsing, at least 20 minutes of rinsing, EEK! My arm almost fell off :| haha.
This stuff also smelt like slightly perfumed eggy farts, which isn't a good look!
But as for performance, i couldn't be happier! My hair is in no worse condition, if anything it looks a bit healthier, the black is gone from my hair and i've been stripped back to my natural coppery, mid-brown :) here's some before and after pics!

 Pardon the glimpse of my makeup-less face, it is almost Halloween after all ;)
As you can see my hair is DENSE black, I tried to dye it light which is why it looks a bit two tone underneath the layers and at the roots, so that was a bit of a failure :(.

And here's a picture of what it looks like dried and straightened properly;

The difference is pretty startling i think! I'm pretty happy with it, the first two picture above are just after i've blowdried it without any products so excuse it if it looks a bit frizzy haha i'm very glad it's lifted the black and the red but not sure of my next move with my hair, a honey brown maybe? Or a chocolate brown? I'm going to leave it a couple of weeks to get the condition a bit better and give it a break from all the dyeing, but if you have any suggestions for me for when i dye it then please leave it in the comments below :)
Thanks for reading!

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  1. it looks so lovely and natural! I think a light chocolate brown would be perfect for autumn, can't believe how well that stuff lifted the black, usually it's a tough colour to shift! xxxx

  2. I really wanted to try this awhile ago but I was so scared it would damage my hair or make it a funny colour. But yours looks great!

  3. My sister used this product when she wanted to go from brown to blonde and it worked miracles for her - your hair looks fab too! I've recently dyed my hair (as my roots were getting horrendous!) and I used garnier nutrisse which is the only dye I'll use as I find the others never take to my hair very well. I dyed it by myself for the first time and basically put it on like shampoo rather than combing it down the hair like they suggest, I've found it's covered my hair way better than usual and hasn't faded really at all so maybe that's a technique you could try if you haven't already :)
    My vote is chocolate brown, perfect colour for the winter :D
    Good luck with re-dying it :)
    <3 Holz oxo

  4. Your natural colour looks lovely :)
    If only this product was around a few years ago when I turned my hair green *cringe* haha xx

  5. @Hannah i know! When i dyed my hair black i thought ''right i'll never be able to dye over this, i'm black haired for life!'' haha little did i know this beauty existed! I've got my heart set on honey-ish brown i think, a warm colour to warm my winter pallor haha :)

    @Chantelle Thomas so was i but i'd say go for it!! I was so scared my hair would fall out!! haha but it just lifts your hair back to its natural colour, although if you've dyed your hair a lot your natural colour might have changed so if it sends it a bit more gingery than you remember that's why :)

    @Holziepink that's a good tip! You apply the mousse hair dyes like that don't you so maybe it just makes a normal hair dye like one of them when you massage it in? Going to have to try it!

    @Claire Louise hahaha oh dear me!! I was terrified something like that would happen but thankfully it just went a bit ginger, i like ginger hair so i'm not bothered by that :)

    @Viv Thanks dollll :)

  6. ooo I like your hair a bit lighter, I reckon a caramel brown would look lovely! I've had a bit of a nightmare with my hair as when I dyed it blonde again my brown roots went ginger! I've dyed over them twice now and they are more of a golden blonde, but as you say it's important to give your hair a break so that's what I'm doing now, I don't think impatience with colouring is worth wrecking hair over!

  7. i really like it :) your really pretty :)

  8. I sooooo want to try this, do you think it would work on blonde-dyed like mad-thick coarse hair? I will have to have a read up on it :)

    Em x

  9. I've wanted to dye my hair red for a while now and then I hear what a pain it is to get rid of! I also think a honey brown would look really good!

  10. @Meg oh god yes my roots went ginger and the rest of my hair was still black when i tried to dye it lighter! lmao nightmare haha I've never given my hair a proper break before so i bet it's breathing a sigh of relief! haha

    @Sammycx aww thank you :D

    @Emma yeah do what i did, Google Colour B4 and then your hair colour (for instance, blonde in your case) and it'll come up with some tips and advice about using it on that colour hair, worked for me :)

    @Sophie it's a MASSIVE pain, i would say don't do it but i love red hair! haha it does wreck the condition of your hair too because roots come through so quickly you have to redye it like mad!


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