My new nail goodies!

I got some nail goodies recently, you might have seen my post about Asos's OPI sale  a couple of weeks ago, well it arrived! I ordered ''I Vant To Be A Lone-Star'' from the Texas collection :)

Such a gorgeous pearly-blue colour :) Great application, two coats to get it to this opacity!
I also got these Andrea Fulerton goodies from because it's free delivery on there at the moment and you can get things that aren't available at every Superdrug :)
Firstly i got these nail tattoo's;
 I got these cute little padlocks and keys, i'm wearing one of the padlocks on my ring finger in the above picture, they're so sweet! So simple too, you just peel them off the black backing, then press it onto your nail when it's dry and put a top coat on top! Voila!! They're only £1.99 and an easy and quick way to jazz up your nails :) Buy them here.

 I got this Andrea Fulerton Stripe and Sparkle Pattie kit for £4.99, i've never tried any nail art before and it's going to take me a while to get the hang of it! But i'm definitely going to try doing a leopard print design, because that looks quite simple :) It also has a shaker full of BEAUTIFUL glitter, it's really hard to get it to go where you want it though, bit unpredictable!! haha.
Ta very much :)

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  1. That's too cute. I love the OPI color. It's one of my favorite colors of blue with grey pastel!!

    ~Take care,

  2. oo I've just got a rimmel nail varnish in the same colour as your OPI one and I love it...also I've just discovered the Andrea Fulerton range in Superdrug and I got very excited by it, I love those cute nail tatoos! xxx

  3. @Zoe They're cute aren't they :)

    @Rosamund it's so pretty isn't it! Like it's frosted :)

    @Meg would definitely recommend those nail tattoo's! So easy to wear :) oooh really! I'd love to see a nail of the day with that nail varnish, i don't buy Rimmel ones much!

  4. Love the nail tattoos. I don't think they sell Andrea Fulerton over here though!

  5. Golly gosh those are the cutest little nail art stickers I've ever seen :').


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