I haven't done a NOTD in a while so i thought i'd do one using one of my (many) new nail varnishes!
This is a ORLY nail polish in ''Meet Me Under The Mistletoe'' which i think is just a super cute name! 
I'm loving greens at the moment for nail varnishes, don't know whether it's the impending Christmas period that's gotten me excited about them but i'm just all over them like a rash!
Enough of me rambling! here's some pictures of my nails;
 ^^ Without flash.

^^ With flash.

It was actually REALLY hard to get a picture of! Insane, it kept blurring, the second photo is quite blurred but i think it really shows up how much shimmer and glitter is in the polish, it really is beautiful! And so easy to take off too, not one of those glitter where you'll be sat there rubbing away at your nail for hours!
Now brace yourself for the price, this was only £3.99!! AND free shipping!! I got this from my latest obsession, eBay!
The seller LauraBeautyPlus is an amazing seller for nail varnishes, plus she's based in the UK so you don't have to wait forever and a day for it to arrive :)
Hope you enjoyed this post, feels good to do a NOTD again, after all, nail varnishes are my #1 obsession! haha.
Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Oh man! I really like that polish! Not only is it green (which is my favorite color!) but it's sparkly!!


  2. nice shade!!!=)

  3. Lovely colour :) Your nails look beautiful Xx

  4. @Elise It's SUCH a beautiful colour, so happy with it :D

    @Jess so pretty isn't it :)

    @Zoe thank youu :)

    @Chantelle Thomas so nice isn't it :)

    @Claire Louise aww thank you lovee :)


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