I'm so excited about this nail varnish i just HAD to do another NOTD! 
I'll ramble on about it after i've shown you pictures, i can't put it off!

 I cannot leave my nails alone when i'm wearing this!! I keep looking at them and touching them!
I'm sure you've all heard about the magnetic Nails Inc. nail varnishes but i couldn't afford one of them on my budget, so the fact 17 from Boots has brought one out is amazing! I got it in teal because it's such a gorgeous metallic teal even before you use the magnet, but the effect it gives you after you've used the magnet is incredible!
You can also get it in grey, blue and lilac, i'm really interested in the blue, saw it in the shop and it looks such a lovely colour i'll definitely be going back for it!
This is usually £5.99 but is currently £4.99, don't know how long it's going to be reduced but i'd recommend rushing down to Boots soon because i think it's probably just a introductory price.
It's super easy to do, there's a little lip on the lid so you can rest it on your cuticle which helps you keep the magnet steady.
Considering there's more of a choice of colours than Nails Inc. and it's £8 cheaper i'm definitely going to be sticking with 17! 
Hope you're as spell-binded by it as i am!! haha.
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Gorgeous! I have the nails inc purple one(got it half price on buyapowa, way too pricey normally!) and i love it. This one is such a lovely colour! definitely going to look out for it.

  2. Why did I not know about this, you are bloody brilliant! if boots was open this time of night I'd be there now! xx

  3. WOWW!! thanks for sharing, i will DEFINITELY check that out! :D Xx

  4. So jealous!! Lol! I have been hunting high and low for this and no such luck, its looks amazing!! xx

  5. That looks AWESOME! :) x

  6. This looks gorgeous! I've just bought the blue one but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
    I think the 17 and Nails Inc ones are very similar, if not identical, as they have very similar colours and the bottles are exactly the same...

  7. I was looking for this the other day and couldn't find it but going to have to search again! I love this effect, so amazing! Not bad price either! Love this post :) x

  8. amazing. I adoreee this!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  9. Saw this in boots on picadilly circus,and was very tempted, but I'm too broke even with the offer! But your nails do look amazing, so now I wish I'd spent my lunch money on the varnish x

  10. @Zoe I really want a lilac one next :) Love the effect!

    @Hannah hahaha! you should get there first thing, it's THAT good!! haha

    @Mannequins Dream hope you do! Blog about it if you do :) i'd love to read it!

    @Jess it's been sold out in my boots for ages, so glad i found it finally!

    @Charchiccc it really is!!

    @Victoria really want the blue one! looks gorgeous! Yeah i dunno why anyone would buy the nails inc one instead of this to be honest!

    @Faye's Fix yeah considering nails inc are charging £13 or something it's a good price! haha aww thank you :D

    @LoveFayexoxo thank youuuu :D

    @lara hahah! I'm broke too but can never turn down a beauty buy!! haha

  11. Oh wow that color is absolutely gorgeous!!


  12. Ah I looked for the Nails Inc. one this weekend but couldn't find it! This one looks just as good I'm definitely going to buy it on pay day... Oh & I always get distracted by my nails too, aha :)

  13. @Cat thank you!! Love your blog by the way, pictures are awesome!

    @Yasmin yeah i don't see how it can be any different from the nails inc ones! Apparently a brand called Fashionista which is stocked in Superdrug are doing some in collaboration with The Saturdays, there's some really nice colours and they're only £6 so there's a few cheaper alternatives :)

  14. I really want to try this nail polish it looks amazing :)


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