OOTD, FOTD & a mini haul!

I went out to do a bit of shopping with my mam today, not much obviously because moneys too tight to mention at the moment!!
But i thought i'd do a OOTD because i haven't done one in a while, and a FOTD because i haven't done one in even longer! and of course a haul, but they're never rare on this blog ;) haha.
Firstly here's my FOTD;

Always find those straight-up face shots very cringeee! haha.
Now my outfit!

I put my camera on ''sparkle'' mode to take these pictures, hence why it looks like a blindingly sunny day outside!! haha i think it looks quite cool!
Sheer cream shirt - Primark - £10.
Black t-shirt underneath the shirt - H&M - £3.99.
Pleated green coat - Primark - £10 in the sale (LOVE this coat).
Black leggings - River Island - £9.99.
Brown buckle ankle boots - River Island - Gift from my boyfriend.
Blue flower ring - Gift from my mam.

And now for a few things i bought while i was in town :)
 I put one of those lovely No7 vouchers to good use and got this LUSH nail varnish in Hot To Trot.
It's such a gorgeous deep gold colour, shimmerlicious! Almost like a foil.

Popped into New Look and had a look at the reduced jewellery, loads of it is half price! I got this stunning ring, which was originally £4 reduced to £2, what a bargain for such a show-stopping ring!!

I just couldn't resist these beauties! They're super cute and will look great with my hair in an updo to show them off :) These were only £1.75 as well, down from £3.50! an absolute bargainnnn!

That's all i bought with my limited funds, good news is i've collected some stuff for a 100 followers giveaway and it should be up in the next week or so :D Yay!
Also a review of my newly purchased Nude Sleek Palette that i used in my FOTD will be up soon, i'm in love with it!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like your blouse and I've wanted some gold n/v for agees! It looks really nice, live the ring too :)

  2. The earrings are gorgeous! x

  3. Some great bargains there - a good day! Love your lippy by the way, it looks gorgeous.

  4. Looking gorgeous as always! I reaaaally want to steal them brown boots off you haha! The nail varnish is gorgeous too, perfect for christmas!

    Katrina xxx


  5. you look beautiful!
    I am in looove with that lip colour!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  6. Love your lipstick in FOTD
    Great haul, great bargains :)
    I want that No7 nail varnish :)
    Love your rings :)

  7. The Hot to Trot nail color is so beautiful! :) Great outfit btw !


  8. You look lovely! I want basically everything youre wearing haha.
    Love the no 7 polish shade too!

  9. @Madison's Assortment aww thank you :) The nail varnish is gorgeoussss, so christmassy!!

    @Emma thank you, i loves them!

    @Victoria thank you :D I love it,it's so unusual!

    @vivakatrina Thank you my deary :D haha i'm obsessed with my brown boots, wear them to death!!

    @LoveFayexoxo You should totally buy it, i <3 it :D

    @Claire Louise thank youuuuuu love :D

    @Cat It's so pretty isn't it :) & thank you!

    @Zoe haha aww thank you sweet!

    @Katherine which one? i love them both! Think the one from my mam is from Sainsbury's :)


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