Primark and Boots haul! (Yes, another one!)

Don't judge me. I said don't!! haha.
This is just a little, itsy-bitsy haul so really i shouldn't feel TOO ashamed ;)
I'll start with Boots :)

This is the XXL Volume Sensation mascara by Collection 2000, i hadn't heard much about this and seen as it's 3 for 2 on practically all beauty products in Boots i thought i'd give it a try! I love trying new mascara's, they're one of my favourite beauty products to buy :)
This one has a HUGE brush, which i found a bit hard to handle! On my short lashes it was a recipe for disaster and a smudge-a-thon ensued!! This was £4.99, but i think it would be better suited for people with long eyelashes to begin with, it did volumise my lashes but the mess it made was far too much hassle for me!
Here's some pics of my lashes after applying this;

Then i bought this Big Fake mascara also from Collection 2000! This was a NIGHTMARE haha for the same reasons as the last mascara, the brush was humongous! It dwarfed the last mascara's brush, faaar too big, it smudged all over my eyes and was just far too big for me to handle! A shame, because it seems like a good formula and made my eyelashes look pretty long! This was also £4.99, but i've now swapped it with my mam for a new Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara :D yay!
 MESS haha.

Another Cream Puff lip cream, this time in Powder Puff! It's a nice matte colour when it's first applied but as you can see from the top picture, it all goes to pot soon after that! It goes cracked and isn't very nourishing :( Disappointing! This was £2.99.

 Thanks to one of those lovely, and ever common, £5 No7 vouchers i got this lovely nail varnish for £2! This was on the 3 for 2 as well which i didn't actually know! It went through as £7 so i got one of my mascara's for free, which i didn't expect to happen, nice surprise! Saved me a few squid :)
Anyway! This is a nice deep black with silver flecks in it, i went out looking for a black nail varnish for underneath my Barry M white crackle but this drew me in because it's something different! It took 2 coats to get it to this dense black,which i thought was pretty good!

 I got ANOTHER No7 voucher after buying all that stuff so i thought i'd spend it there and then :) I didn't want to just get another nail varnish so i got this Radiance Revealed Exfoliator! It looked really interesting and it was £8 originally so i got this for £3! I've only used it once so far, but i broke out in a few spots after i used it! Whether it was this or something else i don't know but i'll keep using it and keep you informed if it is this :)

Now Primark!

Firstly and rather uninterestingly, i got these fluffy socks! I love them, i never wear normal socks anymore because these are so comfy! Me and my boyfriend have a wide selection of these lovely cosy socks :) They're £2 for 2 pairs.

Check out this lovelyyyy cosy jumper my boyfriend bought me! I was deliberating between this jumper and another one so he offered to buy me it so i could have both! :) 
It's SO cosy, and this gorgeous teal colour will go with so much, i'm so looking forward to wearing it with a bodycon skirt in a contrasting colour once Winter takes hold :) This was £10, which to me is very expensive for Primi!! 
I got this in my normal size 12 but i'm also going to buy the same one in a different colour but in a size 14, so it's more slouchy and has a different look :) 

Love the slouchy, boyish look of this jumper! It's so cute, the colours are great too, really unusual! This is also in a size 12 and it's a little bit scratchier feeling than the last jumper, but still super cosy! Think it'll be even more so after i've put it through the wash :) This was £10 again.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have the xxl mascara and it dried out pretty quickly :( I've yet to find my perfect mascara! x

  2. Glad you've reviewed the mascara's, I've been looking at them and I'm glad I didn't pick them up!!

    Sarah xx

  3. You buy more stuff than me woman! I love it xxx

  4. hahaha I'm wearing them fluffy socks right now! They're actually the best! I really love the teal/green jumper! So cosy! Another great post :)

    Katrina xxx

  5. Love the mascara!!! Need to try that pronto! <3

    LoveFaye xoxo

  6. I love your jumper.It seems like cozy and warm,also the colours are fantastic! Lucky you :)

    Come and visit my blog.If you like it then maybe we can follow each other :D

  7. thanks for your mascara review - I need to buy a new one as mine has run out! I won't buy the collection 2000 ones, but do you have any to recommend?

  8. @Emma as close as i've got is MaxFactor False Lash Effect which is amazing but i'm always on the search for something even more amazing! haha

    @Sarah yeah i wouldn't recommend either really! Unless you already have great, long eyelashes, but that's not really the point of mascara is it! haha

    @Hannah TELL ME ABOUT IT haha and also, tell my poor, down trodden bank account about it haha ;)

    @VivaKatrina hahaha! They ruin you for normal socks don't they, why can't normal socks be as comfy as those ones?!

    @LoveFayexoxo i hope you handle the mahooosive brush better than i did! haha

    @Anastasia Your blogs lovely :) it is really cosy, wish it would get properly cold actually so i can wear it more!! haha

    @lara i already replied on your profile but thanks again for the comment :)

  9. Ohhh I love the colour of the cream puff
    Fluffy socks are the best, especially now the cold weather is well and truly here :(
    I love the jumpers you got they really suite you :) Xx

  10. They certainly are!! Great for in boots too :) aww thank you :)


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