Review: Gorgeously Organic body butter!

I got sent some samples of body butter from Gorgeously Organic to try so thought i'd let you all know how i got on now i've had a while to trial them :)
I got sent them in these cute little black pots;
These aren't the pots they'll arrive in when you buy them from the website though, this is the full size packaging;
 So cute! Love the little pots with the airtight clasps at the side to make sure your body butter stays nice and as fresh as the day you bought it! These containers remind me of honey jars, the kind of ones you see in American films haha.
The consistency of this body butter is SO thick and creamy! Seriously, it nourishes your skin so much, i needed to warm it up in my hands a little bit after i'd scooped it out of the pot, just to make it a bit more pliable so i could rub it over me and cover as much of me as possible, you really get a lot from just a little bit! it definitely goes a long way and it really feels like you're treating yourself.
Now onto the scents!
Firstly the Sweet Citrus scent, now i was a bit dubious about this one because i'm not usually a massive citrus fan, but this reminded me of Refreshers sweets, Terry's Chocolate Orange and, i don't know if anyone else has ever had these, Fab Bakin' Boys lemon cupcakes!! haha, google them if you don't know what i'm on about :).
This is such a nice, fresh and sweet scent!
Now Lavender, this does exactly what it says on the tin! It smells like you've picked some lavender, held it upto your nose and sniffed! Pure lavender loveliness! Quite strong though so if you don't like strong florals this might not be the one for you.
And lastly the prettily named, Delicious! This is my favourite, it has such a lovely subtle scent of vanilla and i think i can smell some honey in there too, it's nice for people who don't want to overpower themselves with a heavy scent, they just want something to make them smell ''good'' and clean! 

I'm really impressed with these products but the only thing is they're at the slightly pricier end of the market, at £19.50 for 150ml of body butter! Although they definitely would last a long time because a little goes a long way, i'm not sure i could justify paying that on my budget :(
But if you have a slightly more flexible budget than me then i suggest trying these out, i guarantee you won't regret it! 
You can order them from the Gorgeously Organic website, the number or email to contact them is there (they're opening a online shop shortly it says on the website), or you can buy it from a site called Giftwrapped And Gorgeous! You can also have a little browse through their other products too :)
Hope you've enjoyed this review!
Haven't done one in a little while i don't think, nothing's really caught my eye enough to review it until now :)

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  1. I've been wanting a body butter! maybe I'll try this, the packaging is lovely xx

  2. nice review.. want to try one soon!!! love your blog..following you now..hope you could visit my blog too.... kissess!!!!


  3. @Fariha ooh you should if you have the funds, it's SO lovely, i might get some for christmas :)

    @Dina thank you :)

    @Zoe it's really gorgeous!

  4. These look really nice and the Sweet Citrus one sounds right up my street. I'm ff to go and have a look at their website!

  5. It's really a beautiful smell! :)

  6. I love the sound of the lavender one
    Might help me sleep rubbing it on before bed :)
    I love the smell of lavender Xx


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