Vivo Review!

 The kind people at Vivo sent me some products to review, the above pictures are a leaflet they sent too, it lists all the products in the range.
One plus point at first glance is that the most expensive items in the range are only £6! 
And that's only for a few bigger products, most things are around the £3-£4 mark :)
Right, onto what they sent me;
Firstly, the primer! This retails at £6 and you get a decent sized 25ml tube, plus you only need a tinyyy bit to cover your face. 
It comes out clear as you can see in the second picture (don't mind the scabby bare nails, i was in between painting! haha) and it disappears into your skin immediately! There's no waiting around, you can apply your make-up over this straight away.
It kept my make-up on and looking as good as when i first applied it, after hours at the beach in the blazing sunshine my make-up still looked fresh, which isn't usual! 
I really liked this product, the packaging is nice and simple and the lid is secure so it won't leak all over your bag.
It made my skin feel SO smooth when i put foundation on top of it, almost velvety soft! That sounds like i'm describing toilet roll haha
Here's a picture of my make-up when i'm wearing this primer;
It really minimizes pores and just makes your skin look flawless, i would definitely recommend this!
In the above picture i'm also wearing this next product, a Baked Blush in the shade Rouge Shimmer;
 This is so cute! The effect is so pretty when you bake blushers and bronzers but it's not just aesthetically pleasing, it actually gives such a lovely effect on your face!
This is one of the darkest shades they do in the baked blushes but i love bright pink blushers! 
The packaging is very high end looking, nice and simple.
It's not really that sparkly and gives you a natural flush, you can apply it with a light hand for a subtle look or really build it up for a strong pop of colour!
I'm definitely going to be buying another one of these, probably Peaches And Cream, as it's giving my Benefit Thrrrob blusher a run for it's money, for £4 what more can you ask?!
And lastly;
 The lengthening mascara! This is such cute packaging, the colour is gorgeous and the slim-line tube is something very different to anything i've seen before.
They sent me this in black/brown but i'm just a black mascara girl really! brown mascara is a little bit natural for my tastes haha but i gave it a whirl anyway!
It's only £1.50 which is a great price, the wand is quite a thin, traditional mascara applicator, nothing fancy.
To be honest, it's not really for me, it gives you a natural look on your lashes and i prefer them to be very volumised! As you can see from the picture above (natural eyelashes on the left eye, 2 coats of mascara on the right eye)  it does curl them slightly and makes them look longer but not enough for me.
If you like a more natural make-up look though then this could be the mascara for you, and for £1.50 it's worth giving a try anyway :) 

Apart from the last product, i'd definitely buy these items again! I'm really excited to go and pick up a lipstick and a eyeshadow palette from this range too because i've heard such good things!
The Vivo range is out now at Tesco, check it out!
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Love this collection!!
    I bought 2 of the Trio Eyeshadow Palettes and I adore them!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. good review! can't wait to try some stuff xxx

  3. Great review! I love VIVO cosmetics!

  4. @Vale aww thank you! :)

    @LoveFayexoxo i reeeally want the eyeshadows! going to have to go to Tesco and raid the shelves soon :D haha

    @Emily Thank you :)

    @Cherry Thankss :)

  5. oh my, you're so lovely! *-* wonderful makeup, and it fits you so perfectly :) ♥

  6. Aww thank you!! You're lovely too :)


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