*WARNING* This post contains a Nude.....palette by Sleek.

I hope you enjoyed my joke in the title, i made myself chuckle like a grandad laughing at his own jokes.
This is (yet another) Sleek Nude palette review!
But i've only just bought it so humour me!! haha.
I'm in love with it, seriously, if i could kiss it without getting eyeshadow all over my lips i would because it's just a lifesaver! i'm trying to use all the colours, i'll show you a couple of looks i've done in a second but first here's some pictures of the palette;
 The colours are so amazing! And the names are great, ones like toast and honeycomb make me very hungry! haha some of them are matte and some of them are sparkley, some are barely there and great for highlighting your eyes and some are statement shades! here's a few swatches i took (yes this post is very picture heavy!!)
My favourites have to be Taupe, Moss and Regal, unusual but still ultra-wearable!
Here's a couple of looks i achieved using this palette :)
 Don't mind my flaky nose, i've had a stinker of a cold and my nose has been blown 238583 times this week! 
I'm wearing Bark in my waterline which is such a nice matte brown, great depth to the colour and good for accentuating your eyes, Regal over my lids, the most stunning almost burgundy/brown colour, i really love it and i'm going to wear it to death! and lastly Taupe in the tear duct corner of my eye to highlight them.
This one's pretty simple, just Moss all over the lid and in the waterline, i winged it out at the sides too (unevenly, yay for terrible eyeshadow skills! haha) and Nougat in the corner, a very subtle colour but makes your eyes look brighter and whiter, magically! 
This palette has to be the best £6.49 i've spent in a long time! I was swaying between this and the MUA Heaven and Earth palette but ultimately decided on this one because i wanted some matte colours as well, and i'm so glad i did, the colours are really beautiful, although maybe i'll pick up the MUA palette too ;) haha.
The Sleek Storm palette is next on my wishlist, a gorgeous collection for a smoky eye! 
What's your favourite palette and why? :)
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I looove this palette! looks amazing! and I love the name of this post haha!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. I really want this palette, the colours are gorgeous.


  3. I NEED this palette in my life!! :)

  4. I love the Sleek makeup palettes those colours are amazing :) Xx

  5. @LoveFayexoxo hahaha! Glad someone else found me funny :P usually it's just me!! This palette is such good value!

    @Zoe it's amazing, so wearable! A palette you can wear everyday!

    @Chantelle Thomas you should SO get it!! It's amazing!

    @Claire Louise it's my first one! Got my eye on Storm and Sunset next ;) haha


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